5 Essential Eye Shadows


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5 Essential Eye Shadows

By Evelyn Walker

I love playing up the eyes. I’m constantly experimenting with different eye shadow colors, always trying something new and loving every minute of it. My first love is mascara- you’ll never find me without it and eye shadow comes in at a close second. 

Every girl should have a makeup kit complete with a full range of eye shadow colors and I have five perfect palettes in mind that go from the basic to the professional. You’ll want to get your hands on these like, right now once you’re done with this.


Sephora Moonshadow Baked (Nude)

Having a nude palette in your collection is an absolute must! It’s useful because you can wear these colors anytime of night or day. It gives you a natural, polished look, so they are suitable for any occasion.  It’s easy to just grab this palette if you’re in no state to sit around and pick colors. All the shades have a lovely glimmery texture and the application is as simple as it gets.

Sigma’s Warm Neutrals

Another palette with 12 beautiful colors, Warm Neutrals gives you a range from an off-white hue to light pink to deep red. Using various combinations of the shades you can give the eye shadow its own incandescence, or shine.

There are a larger range of textures in this palette including sheen, shimmer and matte. A more popular eye shadow finish known as frost is also included within the eyeshadows in this palette. A frost finish contains reflecting particles that gives you a shiny sheen more pronounced than a simple sheen, but subtler than a glimmer. This palette is great for creating a subtle and sophisticated look.


Urban Decay’s Naked

This palette contains a fantastic array of 12 earthy colors suitable for every skin tone. You can use these colors everyday, throughout the year. Yes! You can start your summers with light champagne and beige hues and move on to darker coffee tones ending with a glittery blue for the winters.

The palette gives you 3 options for textures – a matte finish for a flat look, a subtle shimmer and finally, the one we cannot do without – the glittery, sparkle finish. The textures help you to keep things interesting and you can mix two textures that’ll guarantee a double take from anyone you come across

As an added bonus, the double sided brush that is included is completely cruelty free – (no animals were hurt in the making of this brush). You can use one side for creasing and the other to smooth and create the prettiest decoration to highlight the eyes.


Mally’s More Perfect Palette

This palette is the complete package. Along with six versatile everyday use eye shadows, there are two blushes, one eye shadow base, liquid lipstick, 3 brushes and a Luminizer. The product is designed to maximize portability and usefulness. My favorite thing about this palette is the ample sized mirror. A close second would be the swanky pink pouch. I mean, what else could a girl ask for? The eyeshadow shades themselves are worth a mention – two must have light shades, two auburn-ey shades and two shades suitable for a night on the town – Basically this means that you can use this palette for or at any and every occasion.


Professional e.l.f Studio Endless Eyes

Of the many e.l.f studio palettes, Endless Eyes is the most noteworthy. It’s been listed as one of Oprah’s favorites and why not? It’s inexpensive – you will hardly believe it when I say the whole palette is only $10! AND you get to choose between 100 eye shadow colors! Using the colors, and the glimmer and matte textures, you can create funky effects ranging from abstract peacock to the flag of your country. There really is no limit when it comes to this palette.