Ace Your Next Job Interview Outfit


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Ace Your Next Job Interview Outfit

teen girl on job interview - Girl Zone

By Farah Abdul-Khalek

The most terrifying part of getting a job is the interview.  You start to feel nervous, scared, worried and you forget everything you have prepared. One other terrifying thing for some of is acing the outfit!

It all depends on the job and, the outfit must be age appropriate.  If you’re going to work at a gym, there is no point in splashing your cash on an outfit that is completely irrelevant.  Wearing stilettos and a sparkly dress to a job interview at the gym is not going to get you far.

When you hit 14, you might start worrying about getting a job to earn some extra cash, it may be to save up or it may be to splurge on those new pair of jeans you saw at the mall the other day. Either way you need to start somewhere little because you would have very little or no experience at all.

You may get a job at your local supermarket, local take away store, fashion retail store, local newspaper or even your local fruit and veg store.  Sometimes, the company will dictate what you wear on the job but you still need to look right to get the job.

Here are a few tips and tricks on acing your outfit for you’re next job interview.

Age Appropriate: This is one of the main factors you will need to consider when putting together you’re clothes.  Being a young adult, you’re still growing and there is no need for you to wear sky-high stilettos, while they may be glamorous to wear to a party on the weekend, they are not appropriate for a job interview.

Work related: This is also a main factor that you need to consider. If you’re getting a job at you’re local supermarket, wear some cute jeans and a pretty top rather than a short cocktail dress. If you’re getting a job at you’re local newspaper, wear something you will be comfortable in because unless you’re working in a high-end fashion magazine, the editor does not mind what you look like.

Don’t spend: This is a factor that may make you moan and groan, thinking you have nothing in your wardrobe and you will never get the job with what is in you’re wardrobe.

Don’t spend does not mean don’t spend a cent on a new outfit but you need to try, mix and match with what you already have. Buy a new pair of shoes and dress it up with what you already have or buy a pair of jeans and dress it up with some shoes and a top you already have in you’re wardrobe.

Besides you can always ask Mom or your sister to lend you an item for the day, we’ve all stolen something of our sisters before!

Example outfits;

Corporate workplace

A just above the knee skater skirt along with a blouse would be ideal.  Add a pair of slip-ons or moccasins rather than ballet flats and natural make up. A coat or a blazer will add a little umph to any outfit!

This outfit ticks the all the boxes;   Age appropriate, work related and everyone has a loose basic and a pair of slip-ons in their wardrobe and so all that’s left to buy is the skirt which is available for every budget and that’s the don’t spend box, also checked!


Creative workplace

A pair of print jeans along with a basic top, dressed up with quirky accessories is perfect for a creative workplace!

Work related and age appropriate but needs a little saving up!


Natural work place

A natural workplace is the easiest to dress for.

A natural work place can mean you are around trees, plants and even dirt or mud.

You may think it’s impossible to look decent while working in the sun, digging up dirt but it is never impossible to look neat and well groomed.

A cute playsuit and some combat boots would go perfect for the interview, some gum boots and an overall are perfect for the actual work but you don’t want to look really desperate.

With a playsuit and some combat boots, you look practical, comfortable and trim. If you do not own a playsuit, opt for a pair of shorts and a loose top underneath and stick to the boots.

Whether your applying to work in a garden or a fashion magazine, your outfit must be neat and appropriate. Follow the above tips and make sure you have enough time to spend on the outfit. All you need to do now is practice the terrifying interview questions and answers and you have nailed the interview!