Am I Depressed?


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Am I Depressed?

Hiya I'm Emerson and I have a big problem. Recently I have been feeling really down and depressed. Although I know these aren't always accurate, I took online tests looking for answers. I took a test honestly twice and both times I got very similar results: bipolar or cyclothymia. I took another test and got the same results. My mum never believes me when I tell her anything and my dad takes her side usually. I have nobody to tell and I'm suffering in silence.


Hi Emerson,

I’m really glad you wrote in to talk about how you’re feeling. It’s so important to express your emotions in order to try to begin to understand them. Ultimately, the goal is to learn how to deal with them! Emotions can be complicated. But I probably don’t need to tell you that. Have there been any major events that happened in your life recently that have made you feel depressed? Sometimes, sadness can be a very normal reaction when something bad happens, like a breakup or our parents get divorced or we don’t make the team. We all feel sad sometimes. It’s important to find coping skills to help us through those tough times, like talking to someone you trust or writing in a journal. But when the feelings of sadness are long lasting and you lose interest in things that you once enjoyed, it’s imperative to talk to a professional. You’re right, an online test is not always accurate, so it’s best to get the opinion of a counselor or doctor. Depression or Bipolar Disorder are serious issues that require counseling and possible medication. Does your school have a counselor or is there a teacher you trust? You can also talk to your medical Dr and they can make a recommendation. The tests (and you) seem to know that something isn't right, so I strongly encourage you to keep speaking up. I know you said your parents didn’t believe you, but try talking to them again. Let them know these feelings are really concerning to you.


Really proud of you for reaching out! Wishing you the best. xo

Here is a resource that I hope you find useful.


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