Back to School Hair


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Back to School Hair

Heading back to school means you need to stock up on notebooks and folders, but what about the fun stuff, like new hair accessories? Here's a few of our fave Fall hair products.

• Scunci Bun Wraps - Accessorize your bun or chignon with a cute, colorful wrap.




• Conair Infiniti Pro Argan Oil Treatment Strip Finishing Brush – Is your hair totally dry after soaking up the sun and chlorine in the pool all summer? Don’t forget to moisturize! This brush deposits enriching Argan Oil onto strands (without leaving it greasy).







• Streekers – Nicole Ritchie is rocking a purple do and Kylie Jenner loves blue locks. Don’t be afraid of color! Streekers temporary hair color makes it easy to transform hair to any color you crave. Give your look an edge and have some fun with temporary hair color.






• Scunci Scrunchies – Yep, they're making a come back! Scrunchies are perfect to add to your pony or to throw your hair up after an all night cram session.





• Scunci Effortless Beauty Fabric Headbands - No Slip Grip technology and ultra-comfy luxe fabric make this one a daily must-have. Perfect to keep your hair out of your face while you're playing sports or at the gym.