Brittany Geragotelis’s Life’s a Witch


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Brittany Geragotelis’s Life’s a Witch

Lifes A Witch - Girl Zone book review

Review by: Kelley Crawford

Brittany Geragotelis’s new novel, Life’s a Witch, Doesn’t Cast the Right Spell.

Hadley, the main character in Life’s a Witch, likes high heels, feisty comebacks, and spells that keep her in the latest fashions. Her spells are put to the test, however, when her coven’s parents all disappear. Hadley soon learns that her mother and her coven’s parents have all been killed by the Parrishables—an ancient threat that has come back with a vengeance. Leaving behind her friends, but not her fashionista ways, Hadley leads the coven to her secret cabin in the woods where they train and move through growing pains as they prepare to fight the Parrishables. Throw in a handsome newcomer named Asher to the neighborhood and Hadley has herself something to cook in her metaphorical cauldron.

At times the dialogue in Life’s a Witch moves quickly and painlessly, but the lack of depth in the story and the details makes this novel troublesome to get through. From the third chapter the reader can guess how the story will unfold, and there is very little growth in the main characters. If you don’t like pop culture references then steer clear of this book, but if you want something light and unchallenging, then Life’s a Witch will occupy your time without too many unpleasantries.

Bottom Line: This reads like many other fantasy books with a flat main character and a predictable plot line.

Audience: This is on-par with The Pearls by Victoria Foyt or Starcrossed  by Josephine Angelini, so if you found those riveting than Life’s a Witch might be the perfect elixir for you.