Father's Day Gifts That Don't Break the Bank


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Father's Day Gifts That Don't Break the Bank

Girl Zone - Father's Day Gifts

By Hillary Marie Chester

                   It’s time to celebrate the guy who has seen your best and worst sides, been there for the ups and downs, and loves you even on the days you think your acne is horrendous. It’s Father’s Day and Dad deserves something to show how much you love him. But getting your father a nice gift doesn’t have to make you empty your bank account. Here’s a list of inexpensive and free gifts to show your dad that no matter how embarrassing he can be, you really do care.

                   Dads can sometimes be technologically illiterate. While framed pictures are great to hang or put on his desks at work, a nicely printed picture and a quality frame can be pricey. For a free alternative, change your father’s phone or laptop background to a picture of the family. It’s a great way to make him smile and allows him to show off how proud he is of everyone.                      Does your father have a massive sweet tooth? Make him his favorite dessert at home as an after dinner surprise. Even if you can’t stand your dad’s favorite TV show or sport, sit down and watch it with him. Be sure to ask questions, he’ll really appreciate the gesture. Some fathers love a quality pen. They last longer, have a better balance, and ink than a pen you buy at a grocery store or Target. You can order a quality fountain pen for twenty dollars or less on Amazon.

            If you’re willing to spend a little more money, take charge and pay for a father-daughter movie or coffee date. The movie should be one you both want to see, if you both like superheroes then go see the Avengers. But don’t drag your father to Pitch Perfect 2 if he’s not into chick-flicks. If you go the coffee route, make sure to make actual conversation. Your dad wants to know about your life, about school, significant others, etc., but he doesn’t want to have to drag it out of you. Volunteer the information and don’t get mad if he asks questions. He loves you and wants to know the things that are bothering or are important to you.

             Finally, spend the fifteen dollars to download his favorite music album to his phone or iPod if he doesn’t already have it, but don’t just leave him hanging, show that he now has access to his favorite songs.

           It’s said over and over again that dads are hard to shop for, but they don’t have to be. Just think of something that makes your dad happy, whether it’s letting him sleep for an hour, or spending an evening in playing board games with him and the rest of the family. As long as it’s coming from you, your father will love it.