Budget-Friendly Mothers Day Gifts


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Budget-Friendly Mothers Day Gifts

Mother and teen daughter - Girl Zone

By Beryl Fristick

Mother’s Day is coming up on Sunday, May 13th.  What are you giving your mom this year?  Here is a list of budget-friendly ideas to show your mom how much you love her:

Coupons for housework  -  Make your mom a coupon that can be redeemed for cleaning the garage, washing her car, organizing her closet or tidying up her home office.  This way you can spare your wallet while at the same time doing something truly valuable for your mom, something she probably doesn’t have time for.  Use your time, not your money, to show her you care.

Homemade crafts - It’s a cliché for a reason. Homemade gifts are always more impressive than store-bought gifts.  Can you knit your mom a hat?  Decorate a picture frame in her favorite color?  Make her a cute bracelet?  Think of something she would actually use or wear.

Paint her some pottery  - DIY pottery shops like All Fired Up and Color Me Mine are great for making imaginative, artistic pieces in a funky setting.  It can also be a really fun outing with friends, if you all want to make you moms a gift at the same time.  You can choose smaller pieces to stick to your budget, or splurge on a larger piece.  My favorite piece to paint is a switch plate for a lamp switch.  That way you mom will notice your colorful gift every time she turns on the light!

Cook her a meal  - This is a great idea if your mom is the primary cook for your family.  Give her a night off from the kitchen while at the same time improving your own cooking skills.  Don’t forget dessert!  This is even better when multiple siblings participate.

Picnic in the park  - Put together some deli sandwiches, fruit, and chips and head to the park for a Mother’s Day picnic in the sun.  Invite your extended family to honor all the moms you know.  Make sure to ask you mom what she’d like to eat!

Family photos  - Frame some of your favorite family photos to hang in your mom’s bedroom or office.   This can be coupled with decorating a picture frame for your mom.  Or make her a photo album of some of your best family photos to have all in one place.  Even better?  Digitize it, so she can always have the photos available on her computer.

A good book  - You can never go wrong with a fun read.  Does your mom have a favorite author?  Do a little research to see if they are coming out with any new books that your mom might like.

Remember, whatever you do for your mom this Mother’s Day, she’ll appreciate the time and effort you spent thinking of her.

Do you have any suggestions for Mother’s Day gifts?  Tell us what you think!