I Feel Fat &Ugly...Please Help!


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I Feel Fat &Ugly...Please Help!


Hi,I'm Harlow and I just turned 13 and I have a problem trying to lose weight. I'm fat. I'm not over weight but my mom and dad complain about my weight alot and everytime food is missing they blame me! I really want to lose weight because I'm ugly and losing weight would make me more positive and have self confidence, but the problem is I have this motivation to get moving and then i want to exercise and i lose it, but then I get too lazy and I cant stand seeing food-it's hard to deal with this problem, I need advice . Help please 

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Hi Harlow,

Reading your message made me really sad because you shouldn't let food and your weight control your happiness. :( YOU can be in control, but a few things need to change.

First, food is a source of energy and it gives us nutrients to help us stay active & healthy.  We need food to feel awake at school all day and still have energy to run around the soccer field afterschool. Food is what keeps us going...So, don't look at food as the enemy! The problem is most of us have learned to love food that doesn't exactly love us back. I'm talking about cheetos, potato chips, pizza, cookies, cake, candy, fast food...all the sugary & salty stuff that tastes oh so good, but doesn't make us feel or look good. So, of course splurge sometimes and treat yourself to your fave dessert, but try to eat more lean proteins(fish, chicken, eggs), fruits, & veggies! Also, try to get your parents on board to start eating healthier with you! It's always easier when you've got a support system of people doing it with you. If they're not into it, ask them to make you healthier meal options or try cooking some yourself. :) Speaking of your parents, it sounds like they're hurting your feelings when they talk about your weight. Have you told them it bothers you? I think you should tell them you need their help and support.

That's awesome that have the motivation to get started with a plan of action! Now, we just need to make it last. Here a few tips!

  • Set a goal for yourself and set a time to make it happen! (Example-Workout Mon, Wed, Fri for 60 min at 10AM) Post a calendar in your room and put a big smiley or heart on the days you accompished your goal! It will feel so great!
  • Change up your workouts, so you don't get bored or try new things to discover what you really like! There are soooo many fun things to choose from-biking, running, dancing, Zumba, weights, pilates, yoga, sports, hiking, skating and the list goes on. Working out is so convenient now-you can break a sweat without even leaving your house-just go to Youtube to find great workout videos or download free apps, such as The Girl Zone Challenge or Nike Training Club.
  • Working out with a friend or joining a sports team can be great way to burn cals (and you'll prob be having so much fun, you'll forget you're exercising!) 

Loving yourself and having confidence doesn't come from being a size 2, it comes from within. You have to start recognizing your strengths, talents and beauty now. What do you like about yourself? What are you good at? Maybe you're really good at cheering your friends up or you're awesome at drawing...whatever it is, you need to focus on that because YOU ARE AMAZING. xo

Keep me posted! 

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tampons and period sickness

Hi.im really scared a bout using a tampon,i just dont like the idea of putting something "up" there :( But at the same time i know the benefits that tampon will give me, swimming, sports and all in al comfyness (dont know if thats a word). i kind of have to use it, because my periods are very very heavy and last for up to 2 weeks! i get through a pack of pads in 2 days!! And tampons would be great for school too but...ahhhh! im scared and a bit nervous too. boo.
another problem is i get nausea and hot flashes that come on very suddenly during my period, one minute im happy the next im sick. what to do?
thank you!
KitCat :)


hey :) i think u need to shill and relax it's not that dangerous and u should be less worried about it , and vy the way where r u from ? :) xx

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hi i have a massive hair loss it began last summer but i didn't pay attention to it but now blank spots r apearing on my head and i don't know what to do to get my hair back :( and im not following any nuttration system , im eatting random stuff please help :(


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please help.