Are You Queenly OR a Queen-Wanna-bee?

Are You Queenly OR a Queen-Wanna-bee?

Have YOU cut off any heads lately?

By Maggie Gusman

Dusting off my big book of fairy tales the other day, I noticed something a little strange. There was a shortage of good queens. Sure, there was that one princess who slept on a pea, and Sleeping Beauty was promoted to royalty with one kiss, but by the end of the story they hadn't reached queen status. All I could find was the evil witch with poor self-esteem in Snow White, and Alice in Wonderland's ill-tempered Queen of Hearts.

If we take these tales at face value, the primary role of a queen seems to be a mean, jealous, dangerous and rather hot-tempered royal with the habit of beheading or poisoning all the people who annoy her. Surely, I thought, not all queens are bad. Are they?

While all of us have those days where we'd like to behead and take names later, it's pretty clear that there are some power issues with being a queen, AND that there is a big difference between having power and not needing power.

Those bad queens HAD power, but they didn't get far in the long run, whereas a lot of women in real life have a kind of inner strength that makes domination and control a complete waste of their time.

So, if you write the story of your life, would you be the evil queen, or a queenly woman?

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