Breast Augmentation


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Breast Augmentation

By Christina Leonard

My stomach hurts. I almost got sick looking at a magazine the other day. I am completely and utterly appalled. Not just a little upset, but appalled. The magazine (one I subscribe to) is a really great women?s magazine. Its mission is about being who you really are. I like that. Readers range from 19 year olds way up there to been-around-awhile professional women.

I opened the magazine ready to really enjoy myself, turned a few pages and saw a full-sized ad for breast augmentation. For those of you who don?t know, that means getting surgery to make your breasts BIG. I was so upset. First of all I couldn?t believe that this wonderful magazine that always talked about being yourself would even run an ad for breast augmentation. BUT even worse than that was the way the ad was done.

The ad said that the twenty-five year-old who had surgery to make her breasts bigger did it because she is "always open to new ideas." It also said that her pet peeve is "People who pressure you into doing things." Give me a break. The only reason women have surgery to make their breasts bigger is so that other people will think they look good. Sure, this girl probably felt good about how she looked after the surgery, but that?s because she is basing looking good on having BIG BREASTS!

When we look at pictures of tribal women with plates in their ears or lips that hang down to their chests we have a hard time understanding why they have to mutilate their bodies in order to be beautiful in the eyes of their tribe, but how is having your body sliced open and something shoved in to make that part look bigger any different?

Women get upset that men and the media say they have to look a certain way to be considered attractive, but it seems that women are LISTENING to this message.

Put your hands over your ears!

Better yet, hear their message and REALIZE that it is a whole lot of you-know-what! There are many different kinds of women AND many different kinds of beauty. Don?t buy into all this BIG BREAST hoopla and for sure DON?T buy yourself a set of new breasts either! Be happy with who you are. Feel good about yourself because of the whole you not just this part or that.

I feel a little better now. I'd feel a whole lot better if I knew that girls are smart enough not to mess with their boob areas!!!