Burning Women in India -


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Burning Women in India -

A 60 Minutes segment was about women in India. Women who are being burned. These women are NOT guilty of any crime.

These women pay a dowry and then their husbands? families demand more.

I always thought that a dowry was a bride-price. An amount of money and goods that a bride?s family gave to the prospective husband?s family. If a bride has a dowry she can get a husband, if she has a good dowry she can marry into a better family.

Husbands ask for MORE money. If the wife can not convince her parents to pay (or if they just don?t have it), she might be killed so that the husband can get a new wife whose family WILL give more money. Either the husband or the in-laws are killing her. These are middle-class families!

The women suffer painful deaths. They are doused and then ignited so that they burn to death.

It has gotten so bad for women in India, that women are killing their infant daughters as soon as they are born OR getting a test if they are pregnant to determine the sex of the child. If the child is a girl, they get an abortion.

It was stated on the show that 24 million women and girls are missing (assumed to have been killed). They went on to say that someday, if this keeps happening that baby girls would be prized instead of killed because there will be fewer girls than boys born. I don?t think the women and baby girls of India can wait that long!


F*cking unbelievable!

This is just totes terrible! Who the hell would burn women and kill babies who turn out to be girls. That's the most racist (cause they're from India) and sexist because they're killing female people. I probably won't be going to India if this happens all the time, cause if I got burned, Mommy would flip a table or her husband.