Choosing The Path Less Taken


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Choosing The Path Less Taken

Woman mechanic - Girl Zone

By Christina Leonard

These days you hardly ever hear anyone utter the words a woman's place is in the home. That's great, but DO women have the same opportunities outside the home as men do? The answer is YES; they do have the opportunity to go for whatever job or career they want, but getting there may be harder for women than for men.

I read an article recently about young women who really want to become mechanics, plumbers, and electricians. Since these jobs are held more often by men than by women, do YOU think that these women should be discouraged from doing them?

I don't either! Guidance councilors often try to persuade these young women to find alternate fields of study. You know, one that is better suited for a woman! Who's to say what jobs are suited for a woman? Some young women RESIST all this discouragement and STILL go after their dreams. But, the number of females going for non-traditional jobs is still pretty low. Even in technical high schools (kind of like a high school for the performing arts, but it's for professions like automotive mechanics, drafting, welding, carpentry, industrial electricity, machine tooling or plumbing) there weren't many females enrolled in the currently male-dominated fields of study. So, how ARE girls who are enrolled in male-dominated fields of study doing?

It's no surprise to Girl Zone that some of these girls are earning the top grades in their classes despite all the discouragement they had to listen to. Obviously this is proof that jobs should NOT be labeled as gender specific. If women can get past the barriers and stereotypes of sexism, then they CAN succeed and perhaps even surpass what men have done in these fields.

Well don't be discouraged because it is YOUR time to flourish; it is your time to show them what you have!

Determination is the key to success. Don't ever be discouraged. If you want something bad enough it IS attainable.

Once you get past the stereotypes of how these jobs are not feminine you will be on the road to success. From that point on, you will stop seeing yourself as a female-student and start to think of yourself simply as a student with every opportunity to succeed. Go for it; follow your dreams; you CAN do it!!!