Cute - Not Stupid!


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Cute - Not Stupid!

Stupid Isn't CUTE!!!

By Cinse Bonino

I saw a commercial awhile back on television for a certain state's lottery. It was supposed to be funny and I suppose -- cute. It wasn't. At least not to me.

There was a man and a woman in the commercial. The man was explaining (to the viewing audience) all about the lottery and how it works. The woman kept looking confused and asking dumb questions.

The man didn't even answer her! He simply rolled his eyes.

This exchange went on for the entire 60 second length of the commercial. I assume that the woman's stupid questions were supposed to be cute and to make people laugh, and I'm sure that some people did indeed laugh. Not me. (I didn't laugh at the way the man ignored the woman's questions either.)

Why not?

Because I am tired of women being portrayed as cute and dumb (OR as sexy and nothing else). Humor IS a good thing, but NOT at the expense of women. Why couldn't the guy in the commercial be the one who didn't understand? Why does it always, or at least mostly, seem to be a woman who is shown to be dumb? Think about a really, really young girl watching that commercial... What do you think she learns when she watches it. Maybe she learns something about how her state lottery works, but more likely than that, she learns to believe that men are smarter than women.

Hopefully older girls and boys AND grown-ups are smart enough to realize that even though television often shows girls and women to be dumber than men, that it just isn't true!