Death and Dying Dreams


Dreams are mysterious, fun, interesting and sometimes even scary. Where do they come from? Why are our dreams so strange and weird? What do they mean?

Death and Dying Dreams

dreams of death - Girl Zone

By Jean Wiley

Dreams of death and dying are rarely literal. More often dreaming of death is symbolic. This symbolism reflects the death of a relationship for example, or the death of an attitude or belief. Our lives are cyclical and we are constantly experiencing states of rebirth as well as letting the old and outworn pass from our lives.

Dear Jean,
I had a very weird dream. I saw myself in a coffin and I was dead. My family and friends were crying and trying to tell me that I was alive and okay, but no sound came from my lips. What does this mean? This dream scared me!

Dear Christian,
Please don't be frightened. This is a common theme and dream that many have. Is it possible that there is some aspect of your life that is changing? Perhaps you have experienced a loss or a change in your circumstances that are causing you sadness and remorse. Your dream is indicating that although you are feeling down that your friends and family are firmly behind you. Your dream is quite encouraging due to the support of others. I hope you are aware that people are there for you during this time of transition.
Wishing you peace and acceptance,
Jean Wiley

Dear Jean,
I keep having this dream that my 45-year-old mother has a new baby. I am holding it and taking care of it but there is something wrong with it - like a deformity or something. While I'm holding the baby women are being shot, I can actually see them dying. I ask my mother why the women are being shot and she tells me that they were bad and did not clean their nose, or pick up their toys. What does this mean?

Dear Brittany,
I would hazard to guess that your dream is a direct result of a situation with your mother. Is there a new business, relationship or other project that has recently developed in her life? You seem to also be a part of this. The baby represents something new in both you and your mother's life but it appears to be something that is not going as smoothly or as well as hoped for (the baby is deformed). Perhaps your mother is in a position that she has had to fire people from their job or is working around others that have been fired (watching women being shot)? Keeping your nose clean i.e. "keep your nose out of trouble" and/or "nosiness" has resulted in some problems for these women. Also, not keeping the toys picked up i.e. "toying around" and "fooling around"�.not doing the job they were hired to do or not meeting someone's expectations? Your dream is reflecting and processing this situation and probably helping you to accept it as well.
Wishing you calm acceptance,
Jean Wiley