Genna - Be True To Yourself


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Genna - Be True To Yourself

Genna had never felt like the rest of her friends when it came to dressing up and wearing makeup.  She was more comfortable wearing a pair of jeans, a tee shirt and converse sneakers and it had never been a problem until now.  The Winterfest High School dance was coming up and she hated the idea of having to wear a dress and look like a doll.  In fact, she hated the idea of going to a dance!  She didn’t really like to dance and felt like she would make a fool of herself on the dance floor.  Everyone would be watching her, to see who she danced with and she was certain that that would be nobody! 

Genna’s mom had passed away when she was 7 years old and had never talked to her about boys, relationships, dances or makeup.  Her dad was utterly useless when it came to talks about that kind of stuff and her friends seemed to be frustrated with her concerns and lack of interest in boys.  One of her friends kept telling her to buy a dress and get over it while another would tell her that she was over reacting.

In the end, Genna decided that she was going to face her fear.  In her heart of hearts she knew that she wasn’t a “girly girl” and while a short little dress wasn’t going to happen, she did want to go to the dance.  Genna ended up wearing a long, flowing skirt, a tank top, and her favorite converse sneakers.  Her hair was in a tight ponytail and her nails were painted blue.  She walked into the dance feeling nervous but comfortable with her outfit, knowing she had been true to herself.   The blue nail polish made her smile and the skirt made her feel pretty.  Other students stared at her as she entered the room but Genna courageously shrugged off their looks and walked toward her friends.  Her friends ran to her, blurting out how happy they were that she had come.  They all danced together, laughed a lot and in the end, Genna decided she was glad that she had come.

Sometimes it is hard to conquer your fears and like Genna, you may feel like the odd one out.  Figuring out what makes you happy and what special qualities you possess can help you become more comfortable in your skin and in the end, much more confident.  It’s easy to get sucked into the trends and social ideals of your classmates so make sure you take some time to yourself and learn about YOU.  Don’t assume what works for someone else will work for you and don’t be upset if you don’t feel the same way as some of your friends.  That doesn’t mean you’re weird or that how you feel is wrong.  Remember that each one of you are different, unique, beautiful individuals.  Be true to yourself and do what feels good for you.

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