It Costs Too Much


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It Costs Too Much

What do YOU do when you can't afford IT?

By Cinse Bonino

You need a new outfit to go to a party, but you don't have enough money for the works... you know a dress and shoes or great pants and a great top. What do you do?

Raid your closet! Find something that is PART of an outfit and then buy the rest. Maybe you have a top that is cropped and would look perfect with a new flowy skirt OR you have a great pair of pants but you've never been happy wearing any of your tops with it. Bring the pants along and go get a top that makes an outfit you can't wait to wear!

Are we talking about clothes or money here?

Kind of about both. There are many things that we wish we had enough money to buy. Clothes are way up there. So how do we handle it when we just don't have enough to get what we want?

There are several ways to deal...

$Forget it for now...
Save until you have enough to buy exactly what you want. Or if we ARE talkin' clothes, then put it "layaway" - where the store will hold it for you.

$Forget it forever...
Blow the money on something else that you can afford, hopefully something that you really DO want, not just something to spend the money on! Or even hang onto the money until something else more affordable catches your eye.

$Beg, borrow, or convince...
Whine, plead, or beg your parents to lend you the extra money to get what you want. Offer to pay them back out of your next couple of allowances or to do yardwork or some other chore to pay it off. Warning: often parents will shake their heads and say... "Sorry. If you want it, you have to save for it." So give it a try if you must, but DON'T get your hopes up!

Are these your ONLY choices?

NO! Luckily, you can also choose to...

$Get PICKY!!!...
Pick something to spend your money on that gives you something close to what you originally wanted. Here are some examples...

You really want to buy a new outfit for a very special occasion, but instead you buy a beautiful pair of shoes and a great new necklace to jazz up a dress you already have.

You and your friends scored tickets to a hot new group. You all would love to go out and have dinner in your favorite restaurant, but the tickets were VERY expensive. Soooooooo, you decide to all bring something to share for a great picnic in the park first and then you boogie on over to the concert!

Your little sister is super excited about a new book series. You'd love to buy her of them, but it is just TOO much money. You decide to buy her the first one in the series and then buy her one book for each holiday until she has the whole series. Meanwhile, you give her coupons for your reading the others to her from library copies!

There are lots of ways to S-T-R-E-T-C-H your dollars. Lots of ways to get what you want even when it doesn't seem like you can afford it. Try it. I bet you'll be good at it!