Jamie - Kara - Starting Over


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Jamie - Kara - Starting Over

When Jamie first heard that she would have to move to Vermont, she was devastated.  She had lived in Georgia since the age of 2 and had a lot of great friends.  Jamie had just finished eighth grade and had decided to try out for the high school soccer team the following year.  Jamie’s best friend, Kara, was also excited to try out for the team and the two of them had made plans to practice during the summer.   Now, everything had changed.  She couldn’t believe she’d have to start all over in a new place, a new school and make new friends! She’d never be able to try out for the soccer team with Kara, and even worse, she would miss the big high school winter dance that happened every February.   Jamie was beyond upset. 

When July finally came, Jamie hugged her best friend, said good bye and left the only house she had ever known.  When her family got to Vermont, she walked into her new bedroom and decided she would make the best of the situation and make it her own.  She put up pictures of her friends from Georgia, made a collage of her favorite celebrities and put all of her cool hats on tiny hanging hooks on the wall.  She was beginning to feel better already. 

The first few weeks were difficult.  Everyone in her class seemed to have their groups of friends and no one made any effort to welcome Jamie.  As Jamie got to know some of the girls, she realized that a lot of them liked to make other students feel stupid.  Jamie had never been one to sit on the sidelines and watch as someone was being bullied.  She decided to interfere and one day, she stood up for one of her classmates.  The girls rolled their eyes and walked away.  Jamie knew she didn’t want to be friends with those kinds of girls anyway and sought out friends who shared her values and interests. 


By the end of October, things had started to change.  Jamie had made a few friends who seemed less into the drama and more into just being real.   One of them lived a few houses down from where Jamie lived and invited her over for a movie night.  Christmas flew by and once February cam around, it was clear that Jamie was starting to enjoy life in Vermont.

Soon enough, the winter months had passed and spring was starting to creep in.   A lot had happened over the course of the school year and it was clear that Jamie was happy. She liked the rustic house her family had moved to and the friends she had made were awesome!  She had even mentioned that she wanted to try out for the JV soccer team in the fall and two of her friends had been just as excited about the idea.  The three girls practiced together all spring and by the time August rolled around, they were ready to try out.  All three ended up making the JV soccer team and Jamie was looking forward to a new school year.

Just as Jamie realized, things don’t always work out the way we want them to.  That’s just life.  We can’t always control what happens and plans can change whether we want them to or not.  It’s not easy to move to a new city and make new friends.  Jamie struggled in the beginning but eventually made some good friends and followed her dream of playing soccer.  You can help new students by being friendly and helping them out with school rules or inviting them over to hang out.  If you are the new kid at school, say hi to a friendly face or, if that seems too scary, simply smile at someone as they walk by.  If you are approachable, that person will be more likely to say hello. 

In the end, it’s important to remember that school can be difficult and being uprooted from all that you know and love isn’t fun.  Be kind to those who are new or who seem different, and lend a helping hand to anyone and everyone who crosses your path.  The more you help and the kinder you are, the more people will like you and the more you will end up liking yourself!

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