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Striving for Surplus - Hi! My name is Julia Schemmer.  I am sixteen and participate in several clubs as well as volunteer actively four days a week. I consider myself a "Surplus Striver" because everyday I am learning more and more about what it takes to have excellence in every area of my life. Follow my blog for insights into my daily life, my journey into surplus, and my preparation to become an international human rights lawyer in India and the Middle East.   Apart from GirlZone, I also write for the HuffingtonPost, HerCulture,, and am a part of the Her Campus High School Ambassador program, National Teen Council, and founded my own organization called The Face of Cancer.

Life of Lisa - Hey! I'm Lisa :) Sports and music are my life. I've survived middle school and I am now making my way though the crazy high school world. I would love to share my fun, emotional, and eye opening journey with you!

Get Your S!*T Together!  - I am Maggie Steele - I am a life coach for teens and young adults and the author of "How I Got My S!*t Together."  I believe that every single person, no matter what their past experiences may be, is capable of realizing their dreams, being successful, and finding fulfilment in their life. So give yourself a clean slate, be the person you want to be, and start living the life you want to live! For more info, check out my site:

Erica’s Inspirations - Hi, I'm Erica-a dreamer, an optimist, a romantic. I believe in living a balanced life and I try to find the beauty in the small things in life. I will share my discoveries with you here. Be inspired. Daily. 

Guest Blogs - Check out our guest blogger posts.  We have partnered with select bloggers who write about stuff that interests you!

This Is Girl Talk - Hi, we are Sofia and Katyana, and welcome to This is Gírl Talk.  We're here to give advice and ideas about fashion, dating, and just life in general! We're here to try to make your life as fabulous and exciting as possible! Talking about where to go, how to have fun on a budget and much more! Also we will be answering questions on our blog from our e-mail, Facebook Page or our Twitter! We hope to be hearing from anybody and everybody!    You can  vist our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter - @thisisgirltalk.  You can contact us at