Low Cost Fund


Read all about money - how to make it, spend it, save it and enjoy it.

Low Cost Fund

By Cinse  Bonino

Having fun with your friends doesn't have to be expensive. There are loads of things to do that don't cost a fortune.

Here are some ideas for having a blast without blowing all your cash...

No! No! No! I am NOT talking about boring hot-dogs and hamburgers and what-do-we-do-now picnics. These are way-cool theme related picnics. Here's the idea... You and at least two other friends (more friends, more fun) agree to bring the same kind of food and PICK a fun thing to do together. Here are three Pick-Nics to get you started:

Cookies and Nails
Each girl brings a bottle of her favorite nail polish and enough of her favorite cookies to share with the rest of you. You spend the afternoon painting each other's nails and munching on cookies. (Remember to bring something to wash those cookies down!)

Candy and Hair
Brushes, combs, butterflies, jewels, hair-ties, wraps, spray colors - you name it - anything and everything that has to do with hair. You and your friends spend the day doing each other's hair and munching on all your favorite candy. Hit the candy counter before you get there and grab at least three of your favorites!

Poetry & Sandwiches
Peanut butter and jelly, humus and honey mustard, salami and roasted red peppers, or baloney and mustard... create you favorite sandwich. Make two or three and cut them into four bite-sized pieces. Make sure you have enough so that each girl gets to try one. Your friends do the same. Then share pieces of poetry that you like with each other too. It can be poetry that YOU wrote OR poetry that you've read.

So now that you get what a Pick-Nic is all about you can design your own. Pick the foods and activities that you and your friends like the most. Have your Pick-Nics in interesting places... Go on a hike, sit on your garage roof (as long as it's safe as in flat, and cool with your folks of course!), go to a state park, or sit on a park bench in town.

Food is pretty easy. Theme topics are endless. You can do silly, fun stuff OR tackle something serious. Here are some topic ideas:

  • careers
  • religion
  • most embarrassing moments
  • three wishes
  • scariest experience
  • happiest memory
  • worst fear
  • sibling stories
  • favorite music
  • coolest dance steps
  • share a craft how-to

It's up to you.  Save your cash for something you really want. Don't blow it all on going to the mall day after day.  Enjoy your friends! Enjoy yourself!!!