Pubic Hair


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Pubic Hair

Dear Ms.  KnowBody,

I am 15 and I hate my pubic hair- can I shave it off?

From Cambria

Dear Cambria,
The short answer is yes, you can shave your pubic hair if you want to (or get it waxed off)-- and just like any hair on your body, it WILL grow back. The good news is that you are not going to hurt anything if you shave off your pubic hair. The bad news is that when the hair grows back it can be very itchy and painful.

Growing pubic hair is one of the normal body changes that happen during puberty. It may be the first sign that your body is developing and you are going through puberty, and it can happen anywhere around ages 6 to 14. Pubic hair grows in a specific pattern around your vagina. The hair is thick and has a very different texture from the other hair on your body. This hair growth is completely normal and it happens to both boys and girls.

In our culture, many women choose to shave their legs, under their arms, and their bikini line, while men shave their faces. This shaving is purely for looks, not for health purposes. Apparently, women in the US started shaving their leg and underarm hair in the 1920's when flappers wore sleeveless dresses, and skirts were shorter than ever before.

Healthy regards,

Ms. KnowBody