Review - Meiko


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Review - Meiko

Review by Sasha Simon

A performer at only eight years of age; Meiko’s singing career kick-started when she sang a cover of the song White Christmas at a Southern Baptist church. From then onwards, she began to perform everywhere she could, her performances ranging from small talent shows run by her school or local community to Little League baseball parks. She grew interested in writing songs, rather than just singing them. Her father bought her her very first guitar for her thirteenth birthday. “As soon as I learned a new chord, I wrote a new song,” she said.

 With her independent self-titled 2007 album Meiko topping the iTunes’ charts, Meiko has been slowly but steadily working her way up the ladder to success. Her songs have been featured in well-known television shows, such as Grey’s Anatomy, One Tree Hill, Knight Rider, 90210 and Ghost Whisperer. This American singer / songwriter has started making her mark in the world, especially with her cover version of the song Time Is On My Side by the Rolling Stones, which has been featured in the well-known United States Slim-Fast television commercials.

 I put the rumours to the test and went in search of songs from her new album (also titled Meiko), which had been re-released towards the middle of last year, this time with the help of MySpace Records and DGC (David Geffen Company) Records.

 If the stunning entrance to the first song on her album – Reasons to Love You – hadn’t drawn me into it, her lyrics certainly did!

 “Give me a reason to fall in love.

Take my hand and let’s dance.

Give me a reason to make me smile

Cause I think I forgot how.”

 Accompanied by the gentle, soothing strumming of a guitar, this song tells the story of a romantic journey. The words speak truthfully of the image of love that Meiko can picture, and it is not hard to see the world through her eyes when she describes it so soulfully. Sung with a soft, almost whispery voice, Meiko really sets the mood. Closing my eyes, I could picture two people slow-dancing, staring deeply into each other’s eyes. Her song is a perfect song for a prom playlist, or even a song to slow-dance along to at your wedding.

 Her first song hit that soft spot in my heart, and I was incredibly excited to listen to other songs on her album, which I did.

 I found them to have the same sort of idea – a gentle voice and sweet beat to tell the enchanting adventure of love. The songs were all quite similar to each other, and yet different enough so that they weren’t repetitive, and thus boring. I recommend buying her album to everyone – those in love, those who have just broken up with someone and need a reminder that true romance still exists, or even those who are preparing for a long car trip. Her songs are perfect for background music in your car.