Sarah - Think For Yourself!


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Sarah - Think For Yourself!

Sarah had always been a bad student.  For as long as she could remember she struggled with understanding equations and reading literature.  She dreamed of being a veterinarian and knew there was no way her dream would come true if her grades continued to drop.  Her sister would come home from college on the holidays complaining about how difficult her classes were and how stupid she felt.  Like Sarah, Maxine never thought of herself as intelligent and ended up proving herself right.

Sarah’s freshman year of high school was almost over and her guidance counselor confronted her in the hallway.  She told Sarah that she would have to work extra hard in order to make better grades in the years to come if she had any hope of getting into college.  Sarah’s palms were sweating and her head felt heavy as she left school that day.  “There is no way that I can do this”, she thought. “ I’m not smart enough.  It’s just too difficult.”

When Sarah got home, she explained her situation to her mother.  Tears rolled down her cheeks as she vented her frustration with school and the huge challenge that lay before her.  Although Sarah’s mother meant well, she too had felt frustrated with school and had ended up settling for her job at the local market, leaving her dreams of writing long behind.  Instead of supporting her daughter and telling her that she was capable, Sarah’s mother told her that she was one of those people who just wasn’t smart enough to do certain things and would never be able to become a veterinarian.  Instead, she should think about working for the city or focusing on something less challenging so that she could make a living more easily.

Heartbroken and defeated, Sarah went to her room and thought long and hard about the guidance counselor and her mother’s words.  It was clear to her that she was not capable of making her dream come true and yet, there was a  bigger part of her that knew she could if she really wanted to.  She decided that night to stop feeling sorry for herself.  She decided she was no longer going to let her mother’s words define who she was.  She was going to become the person she knew she could be and make her dream become real. 

Over the next three years, Sarah declined invitations to party with friends and spent her time studying and working toward her goals.  She worked with a tutor she found herself and stayed after school with teachers if she didn’t understand what had been taught during class.  Her mind was made up and her dream was coming into sight.  She was starting to believe it could happen.

At the end of her senior year, Sarah had been accepted to three universities and after applying for financial aid, headed out to the west coast to continue on her journey.  College was difficult and the professors challenged her, but she met interesting people and ended up learning a great deal.  She went on to study at vet school for four more years, after which she opened up her own private animal clinic.  Today, Sarah has a successful practice doing what she loves.  She feels strongly that she never would have gotten to where she is today if she had listened to what others said and taken it as the truth. 

Don’t let others define you with their words or thoughts.  In the end, you create the life you want to live and you are in control of the person you become.  So, what’s your dream?

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