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Dear Ms. KnowBody:

Ever since I got my period last year, I've got annoying dark hair growing on my legs and under my arms. My friends told me to shave it, but do I have to?

Dear Shonda:

This is a great question! As you go through puberty, the changes in your body happen because your brain is releasing hormones. These hormones tell your body to develop breasts, start your period, and grow hair between your legs, under your arms and on your legs.

This is all natural, and you don't need to change a thing about your body hair for health reasons. However, many girls decide to shave because they think that it looks better to have smooth, hairless legs or underarms when they wear a bathing suit.

You don't need to shave, but if you want to that's ok. Ask a parent or an older sister to demonstrate the first time you do it because you can cut yourself if you bare down too hard with the razor. If you use a disposable razor, then be sure to wet the area you plan to shave before you start. Many women shave in the bathtub or shower, and use shaving gel or soap to smooth their skin.

One more note about razors - don't share your razor with anyone. You can cut yourself while shaving with a razor so that blood and germs can get stuck to it, and can be passed along to the next person who uses it.

To your health,
Ms. KnowBody



Dear Ms. KnowBody:

I shaved my pubic hair and now I wish I had never did that. How long does it take to grow back your pubic hair?

Dear Becca:

Every single person who has gone through puberty has pubic hair. It is a fact of life. You can get rid of it or you can leave it, and it's your choice. It seems like a lot of girls have questions about shaving pubic hair - should they do it? Does it hurt? Is there any reason why they shouldn't shave "down there?"

The answer to your question is, I don't know. I expect that it should be growing back in the next few months. When the hair starts to grow in, it may be itchy and irritated.

Even though I don't know the answer to your question, I am glad that you asked me. Girls shave their pubic hair for a lot of different reasons. Consider yourself luck that you shaved it off instead of waxing, which is more painful, or paying big bucks for hair removal by electrolysis or laser, which are permanent.

In good health,
Ms. KnowBody