Tornado Dreams


Dreams are mysterious, fun, interesting and sometimes even scary. Where do they come from? Why are our dreams so strange and weird? What do they mean?

Tornado Dreams

tornado dream - Girl Zone

By Jean Wiley

Dreaming of tornado's can indicate a situation that is difficult to deal with. Tornado's represent the mental realm that may reflect tumultuous thinking, confusion and possibly destructive mental patterns.

Dear Jean,
In my dream I was little - about 7 years of age. I went to the park with my mother and it started to rain so we left. Suddenly, it stopped and the sun came out but I noticed a tornado was coming off in the distance. I tried to tell my mother but she wouldn't listen. The tornado kept coming faster and faster and it did hit us. I survived it but when I went to check for my mom I couldn't find her.

Dear Cassy,
Often, in your adult life you dream of yourself as a small child. When you are a child the imprints made in your life are much deeper and long lasting. People often dream of events that occur in childhood when there is a similar situation they are experiencing in adulthood. What happened when you were that age? Tornado's represent a situation that is destructive and mentally frightening. As your dream indicates you "did" survive the situation but felt abandoned in some way by your mother. Perhaps there is a situation in your life currently that is causing you distress and mental confusion which results in you're feeling that there is no one to provide protection and guidance.
Wishing you peace of mind and inner security,
Jean Wiley

Dear Jean,
I had a dream a couple of nights ago that I am hoping you can interpret. I am alone in a 3rd floor apartment with a lot of big windows. I look out the window and the sky is very active - huge, dark clouds are gathering quickly and before my eyes I see them converge into a tube. It is wide, short and spinning very quickly. My apartment starts to break apart and this tube is coming directly at me! I hold on while everything around me is ripped up.
Then I woke up.

Dear Candace,
Where you live often represents you - your body, your soul and your person. Windows represent the ability to see "down the road" to have a perspective beyond the "here and now". Your dream is indicating that you are aware of a situation that is coming that may cause you distress and force you to reorganize and take stock of your life. Something in your life is no longer working and is causing you discomfort and confusion. Sometimes when you "hang on" to situations, people or lifestyles that are no longer workable the Universe will "help" you to make change. This may be such a time for you and an opportunity to live your life more authentically.
Wishing you peace in transition,
Jean Wiley