Costumes without the COST


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Costumes without the COST

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Ideas for creating the Halloween look you want

By Cinse Bonino

What do YOU want to be this Halloween? Scary? Seductive? Slithery? Gory? Goofy? Original? Whatever look you're going for - you can GET it without spending a fortune. Need ideas? Here are twelve easy Halloween Costumes from THE BOOK OF LISTS FOR TEENS .

Twelve Easy Halloween Costumes

1. There's always the old standby-the traditional ghost. But does yours have to be traditional? How about some lipstick and eye makeup on the face along with some gaudy jewelry? Or wear a baseball cap and go as the ghost of DiMaggio.

2. Go as an obnoxious tourist. Guys wear Hawaiian shirts and shorts; girls wear oversized loud sundresses, sunglasses, and large straw hats. Carry shopping bags and a camera. Ask everyone to take your picture.

3. Be a "wanted" poster. Paint a wanted poster on the front of a large carton and cut a hole where the face goes. Wear the box so that your face appears through the hole.

4. Wear a ratty wig and an oversized coat with a pillow stuck in the back of your neck. Poof! You're the Hunchback of Notre Dame.

5. Wear a solid color like black or white and using safety pins, attach all sort of small laundry items to yourself-socks, underwear, etc. Tell everyone you're static cling.

6. Go as Mother Nature: Wear an old bridal or bridesmaid dress (or just a very long bridal veil) and attach twigs, fake birds, leaves, and flowers all over.

7. Wear all black, including a black hood and use white tape to attach a white strip from the top of you head, all the way down to your butt. Add a tail. You're a skunk. (Use your imagination to create an "odorama" version of this costume.)

8. Wear anything you want, then just hold a bunch of purple balloons and go as a bunch of grapes. Use different brightly colored balloons and be a bunch of jellybeans.

9. An easy bat costume: Wear black and carry an open black umbrella.

10. Paint on a milk moustache and go as a "Got Milk?" ad.

11. Great costume for anyone in a wheelchair: Wear the costume of a king or queen and decorate the chair to look like a throne. Act bossy.

12. A clever fellow named Sean Clancy once went to a Halloween party as Urban Sprawl. He wore boots, jeans, and a flannel shirt to represent the land. Then, to represent the destruction and commercialization that accompany urban sprawl, he decorated his costume with a street sign, a Coke can, a road atlas and other symbols of "progress." The costume cost nothing yet made a powerful statement about a danger to our society. Design a costume that tells people what you really think!

Need more ideas? Check out these great ideas for kids from Family Corner. Wait! I know you're NOT a kid anymore, but some of these are GREAT!!! The other costumes will give you ideas for more grown-up costumes. Don't believe me? I'll give you some examples from each site. You do the rest!

Creative Costumes For Halloween - Check out the Tired Lady and the Laundry Basket. They are great for kids AND teens. Their Table For One costume would make a great He Stood Me Up! costume.

Cardboard Box Costumes - Boxes make GREAT costumes. The old standbys, a TV, refrigerator, and dice can look amazing if you make them well. This site tells you how. Oh yeah, their jack-in-the-box would make a great monster-in-the-box, hag-in-the-box, or any other glam or gory in-the-box your mind can come UP with!

Costumes for Couples - join a girl friend or boy friend with one of these fun costume sets.

Gruesome & Scary Halloween Costumes - If you want to go as a traditional witch, mummy, vampire, or the like, you can learn how to do it here. Check out their Road Kill costume. Okay, maybe not for you, but how about for your brother or your boyfriend? Just don't let them lie in the middle of the road!