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  Do you think we need to be worried about ocean pollution?  Or are the oceans big enough to handle it?

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Ocean Pollution

Ocean pollution is definitely a huge concern. The ocean holds many living things and sustains us. It contributes to our livelihood and we should treat it with respect and care, before we sabotage our environment.

Ocean Pollution

I think it's important to keep our world clean and in the best shape we can. Whether or not it is a concern, we should want to keep it clean. Just like how we want nice things and want to live in a nice clean house we should consider the world as our home too and keep it just as clean.

Ocean pollution

I think ocean pollution is definitely something to stay on top of. We are responsible for taking care of our earth and ensuring that it is safe for future generations.

Ocean pollution

It's definitely a big concern, especially considering how many people live along the coasts and depend on the oceans for their livelihood. Without the oceans, we would be in a lot of trouble.