Crush -What to Do?


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Crush -What to Do?

Hey GZ Advisor,
So there is this boy I've liked 4ever. And I guess last year he liked me too. But now I'm really confused because he's kinda acting like a jerk towards me and my friends, but then there's times he'll just say and do the sweetest stuff which just makes my heart melt like butter. I really want 2 know if I should still like him or move on.    May  :D

Hi May,

Trust me, I know it's really hard to move on when we've liked someone for-ev-a. Sometimes, though, we overlook the bad things our crush does and only pay attention to the sweet things. That's normal. The fact that he acts like a jerk to you and your friends is a big deal, so maybe try talking to him about it. Tell him its not cool and see if he changes. If he doesn't, than there is your answer. Be strong enough to move on to someone who treats you with respect all of the time. Best of luck girl.

GZ Advisor


Dear GZ Advisor,

So during this school year I had a MAJOR crush on a sophomore. (I was in eighth grade) and I told him. I really like him and might even love him. Well, he asked me why and I said I just do. He told me he was sorry and shook his head. So I left. For a month or two after that he wouldn't even look at me. He's lightening up a bit and says hi sometimes. But I really need him in my life, he pulled me out of my depression, but he put me back into it. :( I don't know what to do. Should I tell him that he made me happy and that I don't like him as in bf/gf like I thought I did? Or should I just move on? What do I do? I'm soo confused!  Breanna

 Dear Breanna,

The boy may have backed away because he was uncomfortable and nervous that he didn't feel the same way as you, so now he is stuck/nervous because he doesn't know how to go about resuming the friendship without it being awkward. If you take that next step back into friendship, maybe it could break the ice.  You could tell him that you understand that he doesn't feel the same way but you really loved being his friend and don't want that to change.  After having that talk, I'd lighten up the conversation, maybe make an old joke that you guys used to share or something to show that it can still be a fun and casual friendship.  Hopefully then you'll be back on the road to at least being in each others lives!

Sincerely, GZ Advisor


GZ Advisor,

When I go to sleep I always have dreams about guys, but some of them are about my crush. Why is that? My other question is what does it mean if you think a guy is interested in you because he always glances at me and I catch him and when my friend told him I liked him he un-friended me on  Skylyn

Hi Skylyn,

Dreaming is a time for our minds to run free, so anything and everything can pop up when we're catching ZZZZ. We might dream about people we know, places we've been or events that have occurred, but we might also dream about imagined places or having extraordinary abilities, like flying. Experts do not fully understand why we dream, but some theories are that it's our minds way of sorting out the events of the day or our way of problem solving. If you've got guys on the brain, especially your crush, it is normal for him to make an appearance in your dreams.

Sweet dreams. :)

I understand how you could feel confused by your crush's actions. You're not alone. Many girls feel that guys send mixed messages. Pay attention to how he treats you and look for red flags. If he unfriends you on Facebook, he isn't treating you kindly, so set your sights elsewhere. Best of luck.

 GZ Advisor



My name is Dominika (14). In  my school is a boy named lukasz(15) a year older than me and i really like him. I asked him out but he started saying " No!" every time i asked him. We speak the same language ( polish ). The only reason why I like him is cause hes very nice and good to talk to when you're down but he keeps on rejecting me. Yesterday I wanted to call him because we argueed cause i asked him out again and he kjeept on saying to me "No!". I dont know what to do. please answer for my question. Big thanks! Dominika!


I love your persistence Dominika and I think your drive to never give up will suit you well in many aspects of your life. The problem is this doesn't always work with relationships. We can't make someone like us. If he keeps telling you no, then you have to respect his decision. If you don't, then you will keep having arguments like you did the other day and you risk ruining your friendship. Why not try building a friendship with him. It sounds like he is a great friend with good qualities. Set your sights on another crush who will reciprocate your feelings. :)

GZ Advisor


hi frends!

even i like someone[not telling his name] i like him,he is 1yr older than me,so we see n smile so i will never tell my crush on him!i am alisha makrinah

Don't know what to do

Hi! Well, I am super shy at meeting people for the first time. So, that's why its hard to talk to my crush. I tried writing a note to my last crush, but he just showed all of his friends and made fun of me. But, I don't know. We are so different. He is very athlete while I'm more musical. He is popular while I'm a person at the background. I have no idea what to do. -Liz