Date Nights


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Date Nights

By Madison Fraser

Ah summer, the time when sandy feet are abundant, Tumblr dashboards are binged, and most importantly, clocks are invisible.  I bet you don’t even know the date right now. Am I right, or am I right? It’s June something…maybe morning…or night…?

Details are unimportant though, because as every student and/or collegiate knows, summer is not a time period – it’s a state of mind! With days strewn together only by midnights and your parents telling you to get some sleep, you’ve already had enough time to cross off a plenty of things topping your bucket list. If you’re anything like me, your boyfriend has probably had enough of your cute beach pictures and picnics in the park. So what’s next?

Luckily for you, I’ve spent the past few days exploring the realm of adventurous, quirky, and all-around-good-time summer date options that, for once, do not include the boardwalk (yes, I’m serious).

1) Get competitive and sweat it out

This is a natural undertaking for me - monopoly, twister, the family holiday party games – you name it, and I’ll probably be racing you to the finish line for victory. But when you think about the fun in competition, what actually comes to mind? The prize – duh!

Use this as an incentive for any exercise you may be too lazy to get off the couch to do (it happens). Go on a bike ride, race for the last mile, and have the winner treat you both to well deserved ice cream.

Or, try registering for a fun 5k in your area such as The Color Run and spend the summer training with each other until the big day. Can you imagine how cute the pictures of you two at the finish line will be?! #InstagramWorthy. Make it your goal to have the victor choose what your next 5k (or 10k!) will be together. You’ll keep up the healthy habits and have a little fun rivalry.

2) Learn together

Yes, you can still ditch the schoolbooks for the summer. I’m talking about taking a painting class, or jet skiing lesson. Look around your community for an activity you and your dude can participate in for a low cost – I promise you’ll find something. Try looking at the websites for local museums, libraries, or tourist attractions (such as a nearby state park or lake) for starters. and (which requires a Facebook account) are also great resources for finding cool workshops in your area. After breaking the ice bonding over the new experience, you’ll both have a blast gaining a new skill while getting closer to each other. What could be better?!

3) Bring your friends and food under one roof

Don’t get me wrong – hanging by the bonfire with your best friends is always a staple summer night, but there’s only so many times you can eat burnt marshmallows before your healthy diet plunders.

Spend the day with your guy prepping a totally awesome dinner and invite your friends over to enjoy it.  And I’m not talking about easy burgers and hot dogs on the grill - I’m talking a full out culinary masterpiece from mac n’ cheese bite appetizers (these exist) to a homemade froyo for dessert. If you two aren’t voted the coolest couple, like ever, after all the mouth-watering concoctions that will ensue, then I’d say it’s time to find friends with better taste buds…

What are you waiting for? Get to the grocery store and get cooking with the recipes I’ve posted below. You’re welcome.


Mini mac n’ cheese bites

Thin Crust Pesto Pizza

Chobani Berry Greek Yogurt Popsicles