Drive Under the Influence - See What Happens


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Drive Under the Influence - See What Happens

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On December 29th, Katie and Brandon had been a couple for five months exactly.  They hung out after school, went to the movies and saw each other every single weekend.  Brandon played basketball and Katie played the piano.  They had started talking at a party over the summer and had been stuck together ever since.  The two seniors talked at length about their plans for the future and were certain that they would end up together, married with two kids living near the ocean. 

On the night of December 29th the relationship ended.

Katie was driving her younger sister, Whitney, to a friend’s house that evening.  She had planned to drop Whitney off around 8:30 and then meet Brandon at his dad’s place around 9.  Plans don’t always turn out the way we expect them to. 

After waiting for a few minutes, Brandon texted Katie at 9:06, “Where are you?”

When she didn’t respond he texted again, “Babe? You okay?” 

At this point, Brandon called Whitney’s cell phone to see what time her sister had dropped her off.  There was no answer. 

At 8:15, Katie was driving down the highway on her way to Whitney’s friend’s house.  The two sisters were talking about their aunt who had recently got engaged.  Katie was excited for the upcoming wedding and Whitney was joking about how the two of them would likely have to wear horrible matching, ankle-length dresses.  At 8:17, Katie was hit by a drunk driver going 35 miles over the speed limit.  The driver barreled into the side of Katie’s car and pushed them off the highway into a ditch. 

At 8:28, the paramedics arrived on the scene.  At 8:32, Katie and her sister were placed on separate stretchers and rushed to the county hospital.  At 9:04, Katie went into surgery.  At 9:07, Whitney was pronounced dead.  At 9:15, the drunk driver was identified as a fellow student of Katie and Brandon’s.  He was 18 years old and had a high level of marijuana and alcohol in his blood stream.  He had minor injuries. 

At 9:35, Katie was pronounced dead.

Throughout our lives, we will make mistakes.  There will likely be hundreds of moments that we regret.  Do not let driving under the influence be a mistake that you regret.  You’re not only ruining your life, but many other lives that were effected by your decision to get behind the wheel and drive. 

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