Fitting a Tampon


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Fitting a Tampon

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Hey.  Recently, I got  active regulars tampons and lights but I can't get them in because, I get scared and I have a septate hymen (extra tissue, you can google it.) I really want to wear them for swimming and sports, I really really want to but I can't figure out if I really can or not. Do you know what I should do? I've tried water as a lubricant and i got it in a little but I'm so tight and with a septate hymen it's difficult.

Please help me.

-A (: =

Dear A,

This is difficult! I first want to explain what you mean by septate hymen so that other readers will know what we’re talking about. The hymen is a thin piece of tissue (health care providers use the term ‘membrane’) that surrounds the opening to a girl’s vagina. A normal hymen has a small hole in the middle, and a septate hymen has extra skin that looks like a band in the middle. Instead of one small opening in the center, there are two. I want to reassure you that this is something that you were born with, and it won’t affect your ability to get pregnant and have a baby in the future. But, some girls can have trouble inserting a tampon or have difficulty removing it once it is filled with blood.

The septate hymen can tear when you try to put in a tampon, and this can cause pain and bleeding. I suggest that you talk to your doctor/health care provider about a minor surgical  procedure that can be done to cut the tissue and make it easier for you to insert a tampon. For more information look at this site

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