Get Fit For Prom And Beyond!


How much do you move each day? Ride bus or car to school? Sit in class all day? Sit at your computer at night? Are you involved with a sport at school or with your family and friends? We have all different kinds of fitness and sports advice for whatever your physical fitness level or body type is. Check out the workout videos and articles here.

Get Fit For Prom And Beyond!

O2 MAX founder Karen Jashinsky is often asked why prom is such an influence on her programs. The answer is that prom isn’t just “the prom.” As parents with daughters in college or older might attest, prom is something they can spend months preparing, saving money, and working out for. Many of Karen’s personal training clients over the past twelve years have been high school females, and every year they’ve had dozens of passionate questions about looking their best for prom. Often, these questions were about detoxes and fad diets. Karen realized this was an opportunity to show them healthy, fun ways they could achieve their goals, while encouraging their empowerment and inner strength.

Karen has several highly customizable programs designed for students. In all of them, she busts exercise and diet myths and replaces them with realistic goals and timelines. By understanding how the body works and how it can change in a safe, healthy way through exercise and nutrition, girls are empowered to take control of their health and fitness. Empowerment leads to self-confidence and a better body image. They are further supported by O2 MAX’s fitness coaches and community via social media. Girls even learn about their unique body types and the styles and exercises that best flatter their favorite features.

So often, after they’ve achieved their goals, her young ladies realize how good it feels to be fit and healthy, and are motivated to retain their habits. Having confidence, experience in goal-setting, and established healthy habits is also vital in college, a time of undefined transition.

Three programs address students’ different needs and lifestyles. Each is customizable but has unique qualities.

Event Ready, one of the original O2 MAX programs, is three months long and focuses on setting a goal and staying motivated to achieve it. The Event is often prom, but many students have used it for spring break, summer vacation, and various school dances.

The Accelerator is a ten-day program centered on a jump-start—not a quick fix—to get students excited and wanting to do more. This program aims to re-energize one’s motivation, break poor habits, and start instilling healthy habits. Participants often transition to MAXbox.

MAXbox is a monthly membership program that provides constant encouragement and continual support. Healthy habits are always possible, no matter where one lives, and the program shows how to use the tools students have available.

For a taste of O2 MAX’s style of fitness, this sample workout designed for use at home or in a dorm room. Workouts always emphasize efficiency and simple-but-challenging movements.

You can do these 3 basic exercises at home with no equipment.  Perform the following exercises in order with the specified reps and enjoy a total body workout. Repeat 3x’s.

1) Push ups:

Complete 10 Repetitions

Muscles worked:  chest and arms.

Place hands a little wider than shoulder-width apart at chest level. Start with arms straight; keep abs in tight, and body level so as not to let hips sag or butt stick up. Slowly lower yourself to the ground and push back up to starting position.

*If these are too challenging on your toes, place your knees on the ground to modify.

2) Squats:

Complete 15 repetitions

Muscles worked:  legs

Stand with feet hip-distance apart with a chair behind you, put your bottom backwards as if you were going to sit down, but just touch your bottom down on the chair and stand right back up. When sitting down try to keep the majority of the weight into your heels and push through them to stand back up.

3) Bicycle Crunches:

Complete 20 repetitions

Muscles worked: abdominals

Lying on the ground with your legs extended out, and hands clasped behind neck, you will alternate right elbow to left knee by bending knee and bringing it up to your chest/abdomen area. When done with one side, extend leg back out and repeat on the other. The movement should resemble bike riding.  Your elbow will cross your body diagonally. Make sure just to rotate and bring your shoulder blades off the ground, no need to get your whole back off the ground. Alternate sides until you reach 20. Make sure to move slow and controlled.

Karen Jashinsky, a cerified personal trainer, is an avid fitness and nutrition enthusiast. She created O2 MAX to revolutionize the way students experience fitness.