Good Holiday Giving


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Good Holiday Giving

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Holiday giving - time to find the perfect gift for all the people on your list. Okay, maybe not the perfect gift, but at least, something that each person will actually be glad to receive. It's a tough job, but somebody has to do it; and guess what? That somebody is you! Here are some tips to put the joy back into the often frustrating task of finding just the right thing. 

Tip #1 - Read your family and friends correctly.
Don't assume that just because you love Seventeen magazine that your sister will. Sci-Fi and fantasy may make you melt, but it could take a love story to make your best friend swoon. And that guy you're starting to see might actually  case he's a tad dense!) Books that make you laugh AND think are great for gift exchanges and for secret santas too. You could even give someone a dictionary with a note that tells them how smart you think they are! So, read your loved (and liked) ones well and then get them something to read that they won't be able to put down.

Tip #2 - Fashion the perfect gift.
It's great to make gifts for your family and friends. People love things you create yourself. But, you don't always need glue and scissors to create. How about can creating a look for them this year? Why not give your best friend a diva-delight look by choosing several accessories that scream, "gorgeous and secure." Think Beyonce. . Fill a mini stocking with some she's-gonna-love-these earrings and a necklace, or clip several look-at-me hair adornments to a metallic yarn braid, or even pair a rockin' Tee and some shades in a box! Maybe your friend is a "jockin-jill" that would rather sport some hot cold-weather gear. Whatever their style, fashion a look that will make them look at you with gratitude.

Tip #3 - Take note of what people like.
Did you ever notice that your dad plays jazz on the radio when he's in the shower? That your mom listens to oldies while she's whipping up dinner? And that your older brother is always getting yelled out for playing his music SO loud? What IS that trash he listens to, anyway? He obviously likes it - so buy him some more! Music. It's the way into everyone's heart. It can even soothe that savage beast, the bratty younger brother.

Tip #4 - Find some gifts that will work for anybody.
There's always someone you can't quite figure out what to get. Someone whose gift you do NOT want to get wrong. You'd rather get them something that anybody would like, than go for the perfect fit and CRASH! Oh yeah, what about the person who shows up with a little something for you and you've got nada for them? Maybe a little anybody-would-love-this gift-wrapped and ready might not be a bad plan! Click on the present to check out some all-purpose, anybody-would be-pleased-to-get-them gifts. For example - everyone loves bath products.

Have fun finding gifts for those you love AND remember to show those who love you - like Mom, Dad, and the grands - what YOU want them to get you from this list too. Tell them that there's no traffic, no slush, no lines, and no parking when they shop on Girl Zone. May all the gift openings in your life be joyous. Happy holidays!