The Best High School Graduation Gifts: Extravagant, Funny and Personal


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The Best High School Graduation Gifts: Extravagant, Funny and Personal

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By Taylor Gerard

Graduation gifts can be hard. How are you supposed to give a gift that represents such a mile-stone in a person’s life? Do you go all out with the expensive gift or get the smaller but more meaningful one? Here are some options that range from wildly extravagant, small, funny and personal.

1. The Car
If you want to go for the more expensive gift but definitely practical and worth it, get your high school graduate a car. Whether it’s their first car or a new car, the graduate is bound to be jump-ing up and down with happiness. Most likely, the person you are buying the car for will be mov-ing away for college. Getting a car will not only make their college life much easier, but also give them no excuse to not return home for those long weekends and holiday breaks. Your graduate will for sure be envied by all of their friends. Getting a car is a huge statement gift but will not go unappreciated.

2. Family Heirloom
Graduating from high school is a right of passage. A person only graduates from high school once making this experience extremely valuable and memorable. High school graduation repre-sents a step into adulthood and a new chapter in a person’s life. What better way is there to ex-press the love you have for your child and recognize the monumental step they are taking than by giving them a meaningful piece of family history? By giving your kid a precious family heir-loom, you are displaying your trust in your child and showing your them how important they are to the family. 

3. College Gear
A more lighthearted approach would be to buy the new graduate a complete set of college ap-parel for next year. This is a great option because the gift will not go unused. Get the graduate some cute sweatpants, a water bottle, hat, sweatshirt, a few tees and you’re set! Who wouldn’t want to rep their college by being covered head to toe in college gear?

4. Jewelry
Jewelry is a more traditional gift but will be very appreciated. It’s totally okay to ask the graduate what kind of jewelry they want. Whether it’s earrings, a necklace or bracelet, if the person likes the gift, they will wear it all the time and keep it for a life. If you want to make the gift even more personal, have the piece engraved with their initials or a meaningful quote.

5. Her Campus: Guide to College Life
Everybody is nervous about going to college. The environment is foreign and you are starting completely fresh. This book is jam-packed with helpful tools that will help college students suc-ceed. From relationship advice to handling stress, this book covers it all. This book will help col-lege students have some of the best years of their lives. All those unanswered questions you have after graduation will be answered in this book. It’s totally a fun and helpful read.

6.  New Computer
A new computer is a tremendously useful gift. In the next four years, the graduate is will have a couple sleepless nights in the library writing a paper or studying for finals. Having a new and fast computer will take some of that stress away. Buying the person a new computer will save them lots of time and trouble. What could be worse than cramming for a test and not being able to understand that one concept because a website won’t load or your computer is frozen? A new computer is a life saver!

7. Photo Album
Whether the person graduating is a friend or family member, making a photo album with a col-lection of different memories and jokes will always be treasured. This option is more crafty and personal but will still show the graduate how much you care about them. Along with those special pictures, decorate the book. Make the album look like you spent a lot of time creating it. Details go a long way. To balance out the funny and serious, you could also write a snippet at the end of album wishing the graduate luck in college and expressing your gratitude and love for them.

8. Spa Day
High school is difficult. There are guaranteed to be lots of tears, sleepless nights and drama. Graduation symbolizes an end to that misery (finally). Giving the graduate a spa day is the per-fect way get them to relax and get into the summer mindset. Finishing high school is a huge ac-complishment; the graduate deserves a day to unwind and get treated like royalty. A massage and facial is a definite must!

9. Gift Card to Favorite Store
How many times has the graduate complained about needing to go shopping? Despite the giant stack of clothes they have in their closet, they always seem to need more. After graduation is the perfect time to splurge. A new college look is needed. As a graduation gift, getting the person a gift card to their favorite store will make them so happy. You also don’t have to worry about the graduate not liking the gift. They get to pick everything out themselves; you are just giving them the ability to shop in the way they deserve.

10. Cash
Yes, cash may be on the more  impersonal and unoriginal side, but there is no shame in giving the graduate a wad of cash or a check. But, in all seriousness, who couldn’t use some extra cash? College is expensive and having some additional money won’t hurt anybody.