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My new blog :)

Hii guys!
I would like you to check out my new blog! It is about make up, beauty, fashion. For now I only have one article, but I will try my best to be more interesting in near future. It would mean a lot if you tell me what you think about it or leave your opinion as a comment. Thank you so much!


I am addicted to haul videos LOL.... I dunno I just love shopping and fashion. Check out Piinksparkles I like her cause she is unique


I love haul videos too! :) Anything makeup, beauty, and fashion related.. I'm there! I also like PiinkSparkles. (did you know she is Canadian?) I like to listen to music on Youtube too.


I know how you feel. I have so much to do but it seems like I have no time to do it. A personal assistant would go perfect with that personal organizer.

Too many books to read!

My friends keep lending me new books to read, and I haven't even finished reading some of the books I own! Not to mention all the shows and movies I have yet to watch on Netflix... There need to be more hours in a day!

i knowww!!!!!!

exactly the same here! im reading 5 books at once, a murder, fantasy, horror, non fictional and a literature haha and ive also got many movies to watch!


I know that it's really cheesy and lame, but would you guys mind following my Tumblr account? It really means a lot to me. I've set it up so its similar to a blog but its open to everyone for discussions or comments. Thanks guys!
Those are the blogs, thanks again guys! You are awesome!

I am on the internet a lot

I am on the internet a lot and I get bored of websites so I look for new ones to join, but then I forget about them and I have 1000++ emails from websites I will probably never look at again... I am also too lazy to delete them all. I am very bad at organizing XD