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I have a crush on this boy and I think he likes me but I am too scared to tell him how I feel.. what should i do??

Tell him!

If he does like you back, he'll admire your courage and confidence! And if he doesn't like you back, well at least you know the truth. And if he doesn't like you back BECAUSE of the courage and confidence it took to ask him out...well then he's not worth liking! Good luck, girl, it's a scary thing to do, but it's worth it!


I think you should just tell him how you really feel. Who knows? Maybe he does like you too! If it's too hard for you to do in person, email, call or text him. If you have a great friend you trust, she may be willing to ask him for you. Try not to make the situation too awkward. Hope I helped, good luck!


If you're too nervous to tell him how you feel, then give him signs you like him like ask him if he wants to share a snack or go to a sports game at school with you and then you can read his signals and it will let you know how he feels without feeling too vulnerable.

Tell Him

Courage is a goo quality to have. If you can gain enough courage and tell him how you fell you'll gain so much confidence in yourself. You have nothing to loose, and who knows what will happen until you make your move.


Though it's a scary thought, it may be a good idea to tell him. You don't want to spend time wondering what if, and he may feel the same way about you!

how do i get my bf to give me a palm job??

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the 69 help because you can pleasure him and yourself at the same time and if is an emergency threaten no sex

I need help with a mom problem fast.

So, I'm 16 and looking for serious help and didn't know where else to ask. I'm pretty sure my mom thinks I'm a whore. I have mostly guy friends and they say stupid pervy stuff that they never mean. I was Skyping a friend of mine and my boyfriend's and he said something pervy and my mom was listening at the door. She automatically accuses me of being easy or doing stupid stuff like underwear photos and crap like that. It all really started when I was like 12 and really wanted to be a model or something. I would pose in my bathroom mirror all sexy like and take pictures to see if I could pull it off. Welp, my mom barged into the bathroom and of course assumed I was sending "sexy" pictures to guys. I had only ever had guy friends because guys were the ones who seemed to actually want to be my friend because I was tomboyish and my mom didn't seem to believe that. She got so angry, and never let me explain anything because I'm sure she doesn't actually trust me. Well crap like that went on for a couple years and it soon died down. Then I got my first hickey. Both my parents saw, and then again my mom said I was easy and implying that I was some sort of slut or whore. I cried, and she didn't care. I feel like she judges me way too much, and she's the reason I started to hurt myself (She yelled at me for that too) I soon stopped because my boyfriend wanted me to, and I didn't know how else to stop my mom from being a huge jerk about it. I need help. I need help really badly.

That sounds awful :( I'm not

That sounds awful :( I'm not too sure how I would handle it if I were you, but if it was my mom I'd just sit down with her and try to explain everything. It sounds as if she might need some help discovering that you need support and that you matter too. Maybe if there is some support line that you could email or phone to talk about it, that might be helpful.
All my friends tend to be guys too, even though I don't date any of them, and I'm really scared of talking about them to my mom cause she would think I'm going out with them.
I hope you come to an understanding that's happier for both of you!

Tell the truth

Don't just say silent and let her assume and don't argue. When she finishes her rant very quietly tell her the truth and tell her you have a specific friend preference and they were just being guys. trust me i'm a girl and i'm probably ten times worse than all your friends. tell the truth.

Three Senarios

He could just really like you and want to take it slow and if that's true tell him you want to get closer.
He could want to play you and be a douche in general and then laugh and act like you played him.
He could feel ashamed of his body and if that's the case tell him he is beautiful in your eyes and every one around him.

Intellectual connection??

OMG Help! This guy that i've been flirting with is super nice and legit so hot but when it comes to having an actual conversation with him, it's literally like snoozeville...Am I wrong for not wanting to get involved if I can't have an intellectual conversation with him??

I see that you are in a

I see that you are in a difficult situation...well the best thing for you to do is...i to find someone for you to actually love than flirt...also considering the fact that this guy is SNOOZEVILLLE just as you say.... best of luck *


By the first time I hit my period my Mom completely stopped being close to me. We used to be best friend then she almost completely cut me off. I love her but I feel like our bond shattered.

speak to her

u should speak to her and show her that ur going to become a women like her and that as she has been through it she should help u not cut u off.

life is not over

ask the guy but if he rejects u that doesnt mean ur life is over
remember there are plenty of fish in the sea,
i used to like this one guy but when he rejected me i thought crap. but i have found other guys and moved on from him, if he doesent like u well boy is he missing out.

Site help

Hi, I'm new to this site and I'd like to ask, in Brain Soda how long can the post be, and also how will I know if I get replies. Also how do I load more pages of posts? Thanks

Hi need help

Hi my name is Emma but my boy name is mathieu since I am 12 I wanted to be a girl now I'm 16 cause that's what I feel inside and I'm very scared to tell my mom and I need help to become me plz

its ok

hi Emma, trust me its ok, your mom will understand, yes she will be a bit shocked at first but after shell probably help you achieve your dream. you should just sit down with your mom, and tell her everything


so i have a crush on this guy who lives close by but im worried my friends will take the mick as a few know what he looks like and think that hes not hot but i like him cuz i find him cute and tht he acts sweet around me.

Boy friend vs boyfriend?

Okay, so, whenever a boy tries to befriend me I always act really awkward and I'm not sure how to converse with a guy. I always end up ruining the potential friendship because I'll either act really wierd about it, clam up, take my friendly teasing too far, or end up sending the wrong message. Guys are just hard for me to understand in general and I only really have friends who are girls because it's easier to read thier social ques. I'm kind of anti-social and awkward....Anyway, do you have any tips for how to keep a guy friend? Thx :p

crushin' on a shy boy

this guy that i crush on is coming out of depression and is very quiet,shy and reserved but he is also very sweet and nice but gives me short answers when i try and talk to him , any advice on how to get him to have a full on convo with me?