Help! Hair Removal


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Help! Hair Removal

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Hi Ms. Knowbody, 

this is really embarrassing to talk about, but when I was younger and I shaved my armpit hair I didn't do a good job and I continued shaving out of the border of where hair is visible and not visible on the body, now my hair is growing way out across my armpit, and growing up and down too far. Now every time I shave I feel (and think) that I'm going even farther, actually I know I am. Do you have any help on this situation that I can do?

Thank you : ) yelhs


Dear yelhs:

Thank you for writing about a difficult topic! What you're experiencing is totally normal -- growing hair under your armpits is part of the package when you go through puberty. When hair first grows under the armpits, it is usually very light and there's not much of it. As your body goes through changes over time, the hair under your arms will turn darker and grow thicker, and will spread out in your arm pit. Some girls choose to let the hair grow and leave it alone. Some shave or wax their armpit hair, like you do. But, shaving is not changing the pattern of hair under your arms. This happens naturally with puberty, and your body is responding normally. It could help to talk to your pediatrician about the changes that your body is going through, especially since she or he is an expert regarding puberty.

Ms. KnowBody