How to Change It Up!


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How to Change It Up!


      Knowledge is certainly powerful but knowing something isn’t always enough.  I’m sure you’ve heard that eating more fruit and vegetables is better than that bag of Doritos, right?  You know that exercising and eating healthy is good for you, but knowing alone does not create change. Some of you may smoke even though you see that warning on the cigarette pack and you watch those horrific commercials.  You know that smoking isn’t good for you and yet, this knowledge is not enough to change your mind.  


     Think about it. You can’t win a soccer game if you spend the whole time sitting on the bench, thinking, “I know how we can win” and you can’t quit a behavior by thinking, “I know that this is bad for me.”  Humans just don’t work like that.  We need more than knowledge if we want to make things happen.  We need to gain a better understanding of who we are if we want to change, and the only way things will change is if we make sure to connect our thoughts to action.


     If you want to change your ways, start by exploring why you’re doing what you’re doing.    Are you smoking because you want to fit in?  Are you unhappy because there is a part of you that is not getting what you want? Once we know what the underlying reason or need is, we can take steps to fulfill that need in other ways.  If, for example, you recognize that there is a really big part of you that wants to fit in, how can you feel a sense of belonging without doing something like smoking?  This isn’t easy, but if you dig deep and get to know yourself, you’ll be able to identify what you can do to fill that need.  


    Once you have an idea of different things you can do to meet your need, it’s time for action.  Again, thoughts and ideas are only powerful if accompanied by action. This is where you get to take a step and do something in order to change your ways.  Knowing that where you’re at isn’t where you want to be is powerful, but taking a step toward becoming the person you want to be is when the real shift starts to happen.


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