How Private Are You?


How Private Are You?

By Cinse Bonino

How much of your true self do you let others see? Do people know what you are REALLY thinking inside? Do you tell everyone everything? Or do you have a few close friends (or maybe even just one very special friend) that you tell your secret stuff to? OR do you hide your inner feelings from everyone?

Some people are afraid that if people find out what they are thinking deep inside that they won't like them anymore. Does this sound like you?

Believe me there are lots of people who will like you for exactly who you are.

Let's find out if you want your private stuff to be available to people who are interested in finding out about it, (we're talking about those people that you feel you can trust of course) -- or if you simply want to show people what's on the surface. You know -- the things they can actually see: like how tall you are, what you look like, if you are smiling or not, what you appear to be interested in, that sort of stuff.

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