How to Save for Prom


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How to Save for Prom

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Teens and their families spent thousands on attending the Prom. Oversized limos, designer gowns, and expensive makeover packages make up a huge part of this expense. Fancy dinners and professional photographic packages can also send costs sky high.

Having a special night does not mean burning a massive hole in your savings. As a teen (or a parent), there are many innovative ways you can save on prom dresses and other costs.

Prom dress - The dress is the most important item and is usually the most expensive. Some prom participants save by buying from consignment stores. If you want a truly special dress for this very special occasion, you might want to buy a new dress that no one has worn previously.

Dresses are a whole lot cheaper when it’s offseason, and prices tend to go up when prom season gets nearer. You can save big by starting out early on your shopping adventure. If your prom is in April or May, you can start as early as January. .

You can also look online for cheaper dresses. There are online prom outfitters that offer amazing savings on top-of-line clothes and prom fashion items for 2015. The last thing you want is to go to the prom wearing the same dress as someone else. Shopping early online helps you find a unique dress at very low prices.

Most online dress shops have price range search functions that let you shop for outfits at a certain price range. This can be a great help to keep within a set budget. Another way to save online is to be on the look out for promotions like free shipping or early bird discounts. Buying online can take some extra time so sure to order well ahead of your prom date to have enough time for delivery, returns, or exchanges. 

Most importantly, look for value on your purchase. Sometimes spending a little extra can give you significantly more in terms of the quality of your dress. Prom is a one in a lifetime event and you want to be sure you buy a dress that makes you feel extra special.

After prom, you can repurpose your dress for wearing on casual or less formal occasions. You can also re-sell it on eBay or at a consignment shop to put some of the money back in your pocket.

Hair, makeup, and nails -  It is absolutely unnecessary to go into a salon and splurge on “prom packages” for styling that you can get at a much lesser cost. For your nails, you can get half or even the whole work done by yourself. Your hair can be done with the help of your friends. You can also check at a nearby beauty school for styling packages. You can get professional styling for half of what you would normally pay for at the salon.

You can save big on makeup by recruiting the help of your friends on social media. Have ample of time before the prom to experiment on the makeup style you want and make sure it complements your prom dress. You can go to the makeup counters at the department store for cheap retail products and samples that offer amazing results. Get extra savings on your purchase by using coupons available online and in penny saver mail catalogues.

Think you can do it all by yourself? Why not? There are many amazing D-I-Y tutorials on YouTube and Pinterest that gives you step-by-step guides on how you can style up for prom. Take a few weekends learning how to take care of the styling on your own. It’s an incredibly fulfilling feeling to be able to style yourself for the prom and get the look you really want.

Flowers - Wrist corsages and boutonnieres can cost from $10 to $30, depending on the type of lowers used or the floral shop. But you can have a unique and beautiful design for much less by crafting them on your own. There are many online tutorials that teach you how to make wonderful corsages on your own using materials you can easily find at home, in the garden, or at the arts-and-crafts store.

Dinner  - If you are intent on dining out, look for restaurant coupons and daily deals online for savings. You can save bigger by having dinner at home with friends. Have a “pre-prom” dinner with your close friends at home. Ask each guest to bring something special for dinner and you will have a dinner to remember without shelling big bucks.

The limo - The limo is the prom equivalent of going on a magical horse drawn carriage to an enchanted ball. However is it really worth spending a few hundred bucks just to get to the prom? If a limo is something you’d rather not do without, you can save by asking your friends to ride along and split the cost with them in a ‘limo share’. Also try the new app called Uber for best prices.

You can save even more by passing on the limo and just driving your own car. If your parents drive a nicer car than yours, you can ask them to let you borrow it for the special occasion or even better get them to drive.

Photographs - iPhones are great and work like magic. They also eliminate the need to pay for an expensive photo package from a professional. If you want your prom moments to be captured by someone else, tag a friend or relative to take photos. A decent digital camera can also give you amazing photos on your prom night. You can get quality prints from a local print shop so you can have something for keeps and to share with your oldies.

If a professional photo package, fancy limo, or restaurant dinner are things you would prefer to have, then you can take a part-time job to cover for some of the costs. You can also use your earnings to get you a dress that will make you the unofficial prom queen.


About the author. Sophie White is a fashion blogger based in Australia. Her passion for dresses, hairstyle, and self-expression has inspired her to lead the online marketing campaign for Prom Outfitters, a prom boutique based in Brooklyn, NY.

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