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 Who or what inspires you?   Is it a teacher, friend, parent, community leader, religious leader?   Is it a place? Traveling?  Beauty in nature?

Girl Zone is inspired by the amazing world that surrounds us, including people, places and things! Nature inspires us to stay true to myself and stay centered, it calms us with it’s sounds and lively colors. But we are also inspired by the energy of cities and bustling places, they give you a rush, seeing the passion and determination of others following their dreams.

We are inspired by people who think out of the box, they motivate us to do the same and to try new things. Also friends and family inspire us daily, they work hard everyday and still find time to take care of others. Their selflessness encourages us to do our best. We also are inspired by the fashion world. We love people who are daring and take risks with their style.  Individual style is a huge component of who we all are. People who dress to express themselves inspires a kind of fearlessness which is absolutely amazing. Girl Zone loves people who are unabashedly themselves, who are brave and bold, they inspire us more than anything else.

Check out these Girl Zone articles for some of our inspirations: Girls Who Program,  Adventurers,   Warriors!,  Malala,  Feminists,  Volunteers,  Emma Watson,  Jennifer Lawrence

We are happy to be working with TJ Maxx, a sponsor, who is looking for inspiration too!   After 16 cities and 500 interviews they know real inspiration comes from real women and girls.   Check it out and let us know what inspires you.  Is it creativity, courage, creativity, bravery, compassion, empathy?   What is real beauty to you?  How do you define your own style?