Interview with AJ Bishop


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Interview with AJ Bishop

GZ: When did you begin singing? How did you know this was your passion?

AJ: I have been singing since before I can remember! I started actual classes, though, when I was about eight. My third grade year was definitely rough- TONS of girl drama- so my mom decided that I needed something to do outside of school. I attended two musical theater classes at a local children's theater. I immediately loved performing, whether I was singing, dancing, or acting. When I was nine I did my first professional theatrical production, and it was so much fun! Something in me just clicked when I was onstage, and I knew I had to pursue it.
GZ: For readers who are just discovering you, tell us about your music, your career & where you are headed.

AJ: My music style is a mixture of country, alternative, and pop... I love it all! I feel that I lot of music nowadays is very "dancy," not really showcasing the singers actual voice, but rather the loud beat. My goal, for all my songs, is to be very vocally driven, and natural. Just recently, Kevin DeClue, an LA based multi-platinum producer found me. He has teamed up with HollyWood Records, Capital Entertainment, Arista Records etc. I have started to work with him and I am learning so much! We are working on an EP (5 songs) to be released in February. I'm at a point in my life where I don't really know where I am headed, or what I want to eventually accomplish. All that I know is that singing is my passion, and I don't plan on slowing down anytime soon. 
GZ: What would you like to say to your listeners and fans?

AJ: Life is too short to not follow your dreams. We only have one shot, so why not make it great! Sometimes, school, friends, and family can be overwhelming, but I think that it is very important to always make time for doing something that you love. This is your life! Make the best of it.

GZ: Tell us about yourself..what do you love to do when you're not singing?

AJ: When I'm not singing, I love dancing, skiing, and hanging out with my friends! I always make sure that I have time reserved to just relax and 'chill,' as I like to call it! I also love running on my schools cross country team, because it makes me feel physically strong and mentally happy. But for the past 5 years I have been doing tons of musical theater, dramatic theater, opera, choir, and vocal training. With school, though, I have had to back off a bit, and focus more on my recording!
GZ: A lot of girls can relate to your video for This Too Shall Pass. What was your inspiration? 

AJ: I actually experienced a lot of mean girl drama in my 8th grade year at school. One day, a friend of mine got an anonymous text telling her that she was an 'ugly brace face, and that nobody liked her. (after that it got even worse). She figured that it was just some random kid wanting a reaction, but I happened to notice one of the boys in my class texting and laughing. There was this group of guys who thought that they were invincible! I peeked over his shoulder and saw that he had sent those messages to her. I was so mad! My friend would have been crushed if she knew who had sent those messages. I decided to tell my school counselor, and she made sure that the boy was punished. I knew that I needed to make my video about bullying, because even though those texts weren't sent to me, I was super upset when I found out. If you ever see anything like this at your school, you HAVE to speak up!
GZ: Where can we hear/buy your music?
AJ: All of my songs are currently on iTunes, but you can find them for free on a site called ReverbNation. If you just want to listen to my music, check out my Facebook page and Youtube Channel. Thanks so much. :)