Interview - Tanille - author/singer


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Interview - Tanille - author/singer

Tanille - Girl Zone Interview

Singer/Songwriter Tanille is author of the Kindle Bestseller, Cameo by Tanille. Cameo is a Nancy Drew/James Bond style thriller about Nia, a high school beauty being stalked...everyone is suspect. Readers get an added bonus! Two free music downloads of Tanille’s songs: Baby Comeback to Me ( and Cameo the song when they score Cameo.  Here’s an inside interview with Tanille and chance to win instantly!

GZ: You have a novel Cameo out and we’d love to know more about Nia and her pal Cindy.

Tanille: Our main character, Nia is smart, trendy and independent. She is striving to become more of her own person. When we meet Nia she's fresh off of a break up and has lost friends as a result. She's trying to put together the pieces of her life. Then she meets Jason and her number one fear letting her guard down. The cool thing about Nia is she is a true friend. Friendship means everything. Cindy is Nia's bestfriend.  Cindy is fierce and trendy. She is still learning about the boundaries of fashion. She loves style and is daring in every clothing, make-up and hair choice. Cindy is big and bold. She loves glamour and makes it known.

GZ: You have songs out as well that relate to your books. I think that’s amazing to get so into characters and the books that you create music for them. How is writing songs and performing different than writing books?

Tanille: Writing is very different than song writing. In writing it's all visual for me. I see the scenes play out in my mind like a movie. I like to hope that my start in screenplays makes my writing more dimensional.  When I write songs it comes from a very emotional place. I think it's more universal than writing music just to express what my characters are feel. I write songs about real moments I've been in or experiences I know of. Somewhere in the creative realm of my mind these moments at times match moments my characters are going through. I try to put as much feeling and truth into my writing as I can.  I see it as an opportunity to be authentic. There are so few. Performing is hard work. It's about passion, emotion and hard work to get it just right. It takes a lot of time to create songs and complete the production.

I want to thank you for checking out this interview. Everyone wins a copy of my new song Feel It ( by emailing with the subject: GirlZone!

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