Let's Get Real - Lilly's Story


See how the media often portrays us according to gender. Read about issues that concern us all - some funny and some serious!

Let's Get Real - Lilly's Story

Sometimes the hardest part of change is remembering it’s natural.   When you first get your period you may react in a variety of ways.  Were you upset?  Excited?  Did you celebrate becoming a woman?  You also have to figure out how you are going to handle your period.  Pads, tampons?

As you get older there will be other natural bodily functions to take care of!   Having sex, having children, menopause are all natural events in many women's lives.
While incontinence is usually something that happens to older women, younger women can experience it too.  It is important to learn about your "pelvic floor" and keeping it healthy as you get older.

Check out this sponsored video it takes an honest approach, rejecting the trope of smiling couples walking on beaches, and instead highlighting what real people already know: whether it’s a first period, first child or first incident of incontinence, the biggest changes in life are often the most difficult. Told through the story of a father and daughter growing old together, the video showcases the strength of their relationship by featuring snippets of their biggest life changes.

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