Lonely at Lunch


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Lonely at Lunch

Today I had free before lunch so I was there early. When the rest of the student body came in I waited for Joy. After awhile i figured she wasn’t here today. When I went out the back doors I saw that she was sitting with Stephanie. She didn't notice that I saw them.


Do you think I’m reading into this too much? Do you think she likes me? What should I do? I’m kinda lonely already.:-(

Please answer back soon.



Hi Kara,

The best way to find out is to talk to her. You might say, “I didn’t see you at lunch today, want to sit together tomorrow? Maybe you can sit with her and Stephanie. If she seems weird about it, I’d focus on meeting new lunch buddies.


Sometimes, it helps to join a club or sport team at school to meet new people. Keep me posted. :)



GZ Advisor