Making The First Move


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Making The First Move

Dear GZ advisor,

There is a boy in my class i really like and it all started last year. He is super kind, nice and smart. In the morning, we have an assembly every thursday and friday that I see him at. We are good friends because we both like books. We are pretty good friends and he is even in my group for the English project.

How do i talk to him without making it awkward and letting the secret out?
i dont think he likes me but likes the popular girl.
All the students in my class are suspecing about me liking him.
i am very nervous.
What do i do????
Hi Vanshika!
Soooo many girls share your angst about liking a boy and not knowing how to make that first move. It can be really hard being around someone when you're crushing hard and they have no idea! The great news is you already have a friendship with your crush and you have some perfect opportunities to start convos with him. I would start by trying to get to know him better while working on your english project. Maybe suggest the group meet at the library or Starbucks afterschool to work...and do some flirting. :) If you're ready to spill your guts and you want to know how he feels-you could also ask him for his number to talk about the English project and then tell him how you feel over the phone or over text. This will be more private than talking at school. If he doesn't feel the same way and likes the "popular" girl, that's okay! Maybe you can still be friends? It might hurt, but you will find the right guy who appreciates you as a friend and more. Just have to be patient.
GZ Advisor