Meet Author Sara Rose Salih


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Meet Author Sara Rose Salih

Hey everyone! I’m Sara Rose Salih, author of the new juvenile fiction series, Life As We Note It. My book series is a lighthearted view of the highs and lows of junior high school. Each book follows the lives of a group of four best friends through their handwritten notes passed to one another. In the series you’ll discover the laughs, cries, and heartaches of the hysterical Christina, scattered Daisy, and self-conscious Mallory as they confide in their BFF Summer to share their true feelings about what’s going on in the teenage world around them.The first book of the series, Tales of a Sevie is now available on Amazon!

I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember. Whether it was song lyrics, poetry, or short stories, writing has always come natural to me and been a great outlet.

My biggest advice for anyone who wants to write, either for fun or professionally one day, is write what you know. Try writing about some of the most interesting or dramatic people you know in real life. Change a few details about them (their name, age, hair color) if it makes you uncomfortable, but stay focused on their qualities. Just like that you have a character! You can do the same exercise when it comes to setting. Write about where you live, what the houses look like on your street, what kind of trees grow in your yard. This might seem a little mundane at first because you know it so well, but try writing to someone who cannot see. Don’t just tell them about the character or setting, show them with detailed imagery, descriptions, and dialogue. In any kind of writing dialogue is a great way to start a story, change direction, change paragraphs, and overall a great way to show what your character is thinking and feeling instead of having the audience be told by the narrator.

One message I’d really love to extend to young writers and readers is that everyone is capable of writing fiction. Even if you don’t daydream about fantasy universes, elves, and dragons, you can still totally write fiction! Write what you know, whatever that is. If you’re a cheerleader write about the girls on your squad and what practices are like. If you grew up with a crazy unrealistic and embarrassing phobia as a child, write about that. If you’re secretly, or not so secretly, obsessed with the cute skateboarder in your Biology class, write about THAT. Don’t let the walls between fiction and nonfiction sway your writing. A good writer breaks down those walls. Whatever you are feeling and thinking, fantasy or truth, believe me, somewhere out there someone is feeling and thinking the exact same thing. Someone out there will relate to your story, whatever it may be. Write what you know, and write it well. Don’t hold back, you owe it to yourself and your readers.

I love connecting with young writers and readers. Please send me an email or message anytime! Find out more about my me, my books, and writing on my website. I currently have a new teen community center and would love to hear from young writers!