Mindful Tips on Creating


Do you consider yourself a spiritual person? What does faith or mindfulness mean to you? This is the place to explore your soulful side and the mind/body connection.

Mindful Tips on Creating


Mindfulness is about bringing your attention to the present moment and that can be challenging!  Practicing mindfulness doesn’t have to be boring.  You can play around with the process and get creative too!  Take a look at these tips and see what you think!  

Tip #1 --- Get a blank piece of paper and a couple of crayons or markers.  Start the process by placing your crayon or marker on the paper and letting it do whatever it wants.  If you start to think, “Oooo I think I’ll draw a dog,” or “Ewww that is horrible! I can’t draw at all,” that’s okay.  Just notice the thoughts that come and let them go.  Continue playing around with the colors and see what comes up for you and what happens on your piece of paper. 

Tip #2 --- Sit quietly in your room with a piece of paper and a pen.  Feel free to set a timer if that helps.  You’re going to want to sit quietly for 5 minutes.  Every time you have a thought, take your pen and make a mark on your paper.  The idea is to make a note of the fact that you’re having a thought and let it go.  At the end of the 5 minutes, count up how many thoughts you had by counting the number of marks on your paper.  This exercise helps bring awareness to your thoughts and also shows you that even when we think we’re not thinking, some little thought creeps in.  By bringing our awareness to the thought, we can acknowledge it, let it go and make room for the present moment.

Tip #3 --- Pick up some string and some beads at a craft store.  Find a quiet space and take some time to create some piece of jewelry with the material.  Notice the thoughts that come to mind while you work.  Again, the idea is not to ignore your thoughts but rather notice them, acknowledge them and let them go.  Each time, bringing your attention back to the process of making the piece of jewelry, looking at the colors you’re working with and the knots you are tying. 


As a Life Coach and Mindfulness Coach for teens and young adults, Maggie specializes in supporting young adults cope with stress while accomplishing their goals.  Maggie is also the author of How I Got My S!*t Together: An Introspective Workbook to Help You Find Your Passion and Purpose in Life.  You can learn more about  coaching by visiting her site: www.thelifecoachforteens.com!