10 Things Your Mom Might Actually Be Right About


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10 Things Your Mom Might Actually Be Right About

Teen daughter and mom

By Taylor Gerard

1. “Bring a jacket!”
We’ve all been there. You’re walking out of the house and your mom yells, “Bring a jacket!” You roll your eyes and scream back, “Okay, mom,” while walking jacketless out of the house. Thirty minutes later, you have the shivers and goosebumps covering your entire body while you’re walking to school or going out to dinner, silently wishing you had listened to your mom, but you will never admit it to her.

2. “Put on sunscreen!”
Who doesn’t love a good tan? Apparently your mom doesn’t because she is constantly reminding you to put on a gallon of sunscreen. Of course, you ignore her suggestion and next thing you know, you are a red speckled mess with aching skin and your vacation is ruined. Sun screen is your best friend. You can still get a glowing tan even when you apply sunscreen. Plus, your skin will thank you forty years from now when your it is wrinkle-less.

3. “Family dinners are important!”
Family dinners can sometimes be a drag, but you are guaranteed to miss them when you go off to college. After sitting in your tiny dorm room eating cup a noodles for the third time this week, you will miss the sweet scent of your mom’s home cooked meals and your mom calling, “Dinner’s ready!!” When you return for that first Thanksgiving break, you will want to scarf down as much of your mom’s food as possible.

4. “Clean your room!”
You’re looking for that cute sweater but it is absolutely nowhere to be found in the pile of clothes lying on the floor. You have a date tonight and you have nothing to wear that isn’t wrinkled or missing. In the back of your head, you hear your mom’s voice taunting, “Clean your room…”
5.  “Get off your phone!”
It’s hard to get off your phone. Checking Facebook, Instagram and texts has practically become an addiction. It may seem like your mom is nagging you to get off your phone at the dinner table or on the street, but in reality, by constantly looking down at a screen, you could be missing something wonderful going on around you. Who knows... Harry Styles could pass you on the street and you would never know because you were updating your status. Your brother could be telling you the world’s most interesting story, but you tuned it out. It’s little moments that make life special. Put your phone down for a couple of minutes and take in whatever is going on around you. Your Facebook, Instagram and texts will not disappear, promise.

6.  “There will always be a next time!”
It’s not the end of the world if you miss a party or some big event. In the moment, you will be devastated and feel like your mom is being unreasonable, but she probably has a good reason for making you stay home. Whatever the reason, there will actually be a next time. Within a week at most, everybody will have stopped talking about the big event that you missed and moved on to the upcoming one. Most likely, if you respected your mom’s decision, you will be allowed to go to the next big occasion.

7.  “Those heels are too tall!”
It’s the night of that big party that you have been looking forward to for months. You have the perfect dress, your makeup is done flawlessly and your legs look stunning in those 5 inch heels. Your mom warned you that within a hour, your feet will be crying for help and that your knees will be collapsing. Still, you believe that you are a pro at wearing heels. Nevertheless, your mom proves herself to be right once again and within an hour you are awkwardly teetering around the party. Eventually, you have to give in and take off those gorgeously tall heels. The only trace that remains of those beautiful heals are sore feet and blisters. 

8. “Don’t stay up too late!”
It’s Thursday night, you’ve finished all your homework and are perfectly content watching your show on Netflix. Your mom says goodnight to you and warns you not to stay up too late. Next thing you know, you have watched 5 more episodes of your TV show and it is 2:00am. You stayed up WAY too late. The following day, you put on your comfy sweatpants and drag yourself to school barely able to pay attention in class. What’s 2+2, again?

9. “Breakups don’t last forever!”
Breakups can be difficult-- it’s a given that you’ll have long nights, lots of tears and wish things would go back to how they used to be. It may seem like you will never get over your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend. However, with time, you will move on; it just takes some wallowing first. Chances are, if you and your boyfriend or girlfriend broke up then you aren’t meant for each other. Sooner than you think, another person will appear in your life who is even better than your ex.

10.  “You’ll thank me when you’re older!”
Yes, your mom may have her flaws, but she always has your best interests at heart. It’s hard to find somebody who will always love you unconditionally. Your mom is somebody who will be there for you no matter what. All your mom wants for you is to be happy, take care of you and make sure you grow up to be a good person. Don’t take your mom for granted. When you get older, all the little things that drove you crazy will be forgotten and, eventually, you will thank your mom for everything she has done for you.