Mortified Moments

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Tell about the most embarassing thing that happened to you or your friends.



Falling Off the Bus

My freshman year of high school I decided to where heels to school for the first time. Such a bad idea. Before I got inside the school I ended up tripping down the step of the bus and falling on my knees. Everyone was watching and everyone was laughing.

Old Diary

My boyfriend found my old diary from middle school, where I talked about all my ridiculous crushes and wrote down all kinds of awful poetry. He has yet to let me live it down.

oh shit moment!

one of my most embarassing moments was... my best friend and her brother were on their way to my home and i had forgotten to tie my pant properly and when they reached my home it fell down right in front of them!! my best friend, fine...but her brother too !!!

So embarrassing

I was in class and the teacher called my name in the roll. I was looking at a friends homework planner that said KIMS BIRTHDAY on one page. I realised the teacher had called my name and said, "oh, happy birthday!" On accident!

So dumb!

My crushes group sits next to my group, and so one day I got up, and my backpack was waaay to heavy, and then I fell over backwards in front of him. Omg!! How do ppl get over this?!

embarrassing bus ride

Once when i was on the bus, we hit a bump in the road and i fell out of my seat and scooted down the aisle. The bus driver had to put his hand on my head and stop me. I was so embarrassed!

The brother who was caught wearing sisters clothes

so my sisters spends alot of time on this site and gave me a deal if i write this to you.

basically the other night my sister came home early and found me wearing her clothes, as in completely dressed am talking makeup, wig, and embarrassingly bra and thong too.

I didn't hear her come through the door so first thing i knew was her saying my name with her phone in her hand!

after much begging she said she wouldn't show anyone the photos but i had to write in this confession to you, so here it is