My Crush is Shy


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My Crush is Shy


I have crush on a guy that is really reserved and shy. he doesn’t talk much either , but next week i have to go to his house to paint decorations for a class that i’m teaching with his mom and his mom always puts me to paint with him but when i try to talk to him he gives me really short answers like yes, no, i don’t know, and maybe. i really like him. and i don’t know how to get him to talk to me in a full on conversation.



Hi Meg,

What is your crush interested in? Sports, video games, music? People love to talk about things they’re passionate about, so figure out what he’s into. That’s a great way to get him to say more than yes, no, I don’t know. If he is super shy, it might take some time to really get to know him.


Good luck, you got this! xo

GZ Advisor